summer break! summer break!

Street Hunters Summer break!

Dear Readers,

Every summer here at we like to take a couple of weeks off to relax, reflect on previous months and to do some beach street photography. That time of the year has arrived once more and we will be slowing down for a couple of weeks. Our summer holidays will start tomorrow on the 11th of August and will end on the 24th of August. We will not be posting much during that period.

About The Monthly Theme Contest

The August Theme Contest will be open until the 16th of August this time, since the 15th is a National Holiday here in Greece, which means that we will probably be drinking beers on some beach somewhere, frazzling under the sun. So we will be posting the poll with this month’s participants sometime after the 16th of August.

"Boys will be boys" by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

Keep The Action Going! Don’t stop Sending In Your Stuff!

Just because we will not be posting that doesn’t mean that we will not accept Camera Bags and Crit My Pic submissions. Also, if you feel that you have an image that is worth featuring as Street Photo of the week, don’t hesitate to send that over too.

We will be active in our Communities on Google Plus (The SHRC) and Flickr. Just follow the links to stay tuned with those if you haven’t already.

"Busy Beach" by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

What do we plan on doing after our holiday?

We plan to create a Street Hunters Facebook Group very soon, one in which you can share your photos with all the readers that use Facebook. We will be sharing more about this when the Group is ready.

Also, we will be sharing a new blog post on the 26th of August about the Istanbul Sponsored Street Hunt. It will be a detailed description of the project, from day one to the last day. We do these types of posts whenever we visit another country for a special Street Hunt video. Click on the following links if you would like to read the previous ones from Hamburg in Germany and London in the UK. Once that is shared we will start producing the Istanbul Sponsored Street Hunt video.

Our steady flow of weekly scheduled posts will continue as always after our holiday. For your convenience we will remind you of the weekly schedule we have been following for the past couple of months that will remain unchanged:

Mondays: What’s in your Camera Bag Street Hunter?
Tuesdays: Picture of the week (photo by one of the editors).
Wednesdays: Feature blog post (That is the big post of the week).
Thursdays: Biweekly Under the Influence of XXX (where XXX goes the name of a Master Street Photographer) one week and the Biweekly Crit my pic the other week.
Fridays: Street Photo of the week.

"Summer clothes" by Spyros Papaspyropoulos

Have A Nice Summer Break!

All 3 of us would like to wish you a great summer break! Make sure you enjoy the summer and if you feel like getting involved with a summer street photography project check out our post  “10+1 Fun and Exciting Summer Street Photography Projects!“ from last year to get inspired.

Enjoy the sea, sun, beach if that is your thing and make sure you are back on the 24th for more mojo!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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