Street Photo of the week by Rammy Narula

Street Photo of the week by Rammy Narula

Photo of the week by Rammy Narula

Street Photo of the week by Rammy Narula

Rammy Narula is a Street Photographer based in Bangkok in Thailand. As an artist he is drawn to the dramatic, the humorous and generally the emotions that surround him. Emotions are what it is all about for Rammy. He tries to capture as many as possible when roaming the streets with his camera. What he looks for are stories, interactions and meaningful moments with hidden or obvious messages and emotions. If you visit Rammy’s flickr page you will just gape in awe at the amazing moments and stories he has captured and shared. Compositions, light, surrealism, emotion – everything a viewer wants to see in a photo is in his work. His stream is an enjoyable trip through various mini fantasy tales.

Rammy Narula is part of the very exciting APF Collective. This group of photographers has a style that is vibrant and alive. It is a style that has a spark and a sense of viewing things from another perspective. Everyone in the group shoots with a common passion and vision that can clearly be seen from the quality of their work. You can take a look at Rammy’s page on the APF Collective website and read more about him. If you wish to take a look at more APF Collective Street Photographers we have featured, you can check out Ilan Ben Yehuda, Yves Vernin, Gabi Ben Avraham.

You can see more of Rammy Narula’s photographic work on his Flickr page at and on his website at


Untitled by Rammy Narula

This is one of those photos that don’t need lots of analysing. It is so minimal it is magnificent. What we see here are two main elements. One is the element of the graphic airplane “flying” on the black wall leaving contrails in its path and the second element is that of the person bowing or bending over. The person is dressed in white and is wearing a white hat that seems to belong to a pilot. What is funny here is that if we saw this person bowing on their own we might have perhaps considered that he or she was a pilot but now that the plane is clearly seen in the background, a pilot is what we think of instantly. But, Rammy has played a trick with our minds here. Upon closer inspection we can see that the person bending over is not a pilot, but something else. There are no insignia defining the rank of this “pilot”, so that makes me wonder. Is this a pilot or not? My thoughts are that Rammy has successfully manipulated our minds into thinking this is a pilot bowing to the concept of flight or to the marvel of airplanes. He has managed to create a wonderful story full of questions by using  as few elements as possible in his composition.

Thank you Rammy Narula!

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  1. Fantastic shot… Seems very original and authentic but feels posed and “performance art” at the same time… What a fantastic photo 🙂

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