Street Photo of the week by Abhishek Kiran Dani

Street Photo of the week by Abhishek Kiran Dani

Street Photo of the week by Abhishek Kiran Dani

Street Photo of the week by Abhishek Kiran Dani

Abhishek Kiran Dani is a Street Photographer living in Aachen, Germany. He is a member of the Flickr group and quite an active one too. Besides shooting in the streets, Abhishek is an avid self-taught and self-disciplined creative who loves sketching, listening to music, singing, playing harmonica, playing football, writing poetry, design, writing and cooking. He takes inspiration from traveling and likes to create photos with stories that express an experience. According to Abhishek:

“Photography is a very powerful medium and if used wisely and benevolently, it can convey pain, anguish, joy, anger and millions of other emotions to even the most illiterate person alive. Amongst the several existing and new sprouting genres of photography, thanks to the every growing digital technology, I like street and travel photography the best. What I find intriguing about them is the unpredictability. Street and travel photography, according to me, is the purest form of photography. “

Abhishek Kiran Dani is also a blogger. His blog is called “The Fountain Pen” and it is the place where he shares his interests and thoughts concerning anything that might attract his attention.

You can see more of Abhishek Kiran Dani’s photographic work on his Flickr page at and on his website at

Cologne, Germany

Cologne Germany by Abhishek Kiran Dani

When I look at this photograph I see two main things. I see movement and I see red. The composition is simply perfect. The woman is placed in the left third vertical looking back at the boy jumping up into the top part of the fountain who is in the right third vertical balancing the shot perfectly. The way her head is facing the boy and the way her red hair is being blown by the air to the right moves the eyes of the viewer automatically on the arc of the fountain that leads to the boy. Other elements as well make this composition so marvellous, elements that subconsciously are recognised in an instant but on a more conscious level might be overlooked. What are those elements?

The legs (specifically the shins) of the girl and her hands are both forming triangular shapes. That triangular flesh coloured shape can also be seen on the right side of the photo as it is formed by the legs of the boy. Besides black and dark tones of grey and brown, the most prominent colour is red. Red finger nails on the girl, red on her necklace, and her red hair too. On the other side of the photo, the boy’s back is also red. What amazes me is that the girl dominates the photo occupying so much of the foreground of the shot, but she doesn’t only dominate in size, she dominates in colour density also. She has more black and more red than the boy on the other side that is further back.

Besides all the above, this image has a fast dynamism to it. It has captured motion and frozen it in time, creating a surreal result that will never again be replicated.

Thank you Abhishek Kiran Dani!

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