Project “Touching the streets of the city” by Gilberto Lacchia

Project “Touching the streets of the city” by Gilberto Lacchia

Photo by Gilberto Lacchia


Gilberto Lacchia is a Street Photographer from Italy. He is an open minded, highly intelligent individual who’s open to to trying out new things in photography.

How did I meet Gilberto?

I met Gilberto online when he enlisted for the STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – ONLINE, TAILOR-MADE STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP. He had just got out of another Street Photography workshop and he was looking for that extra something that would make him see things a little bit differently. He was looking to change his point of view and his relationship with Street Photography and his subjects. He was interested in learning new things and trying out new approaches to the art such as colour. So, he contacted Street Hunters via the Workshop page and that is how we met.

What is the Online Street Photography Workshop?

The STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 101 – ONLINE, TAILOR-MADE STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP is a customised 10 session course, that is tailor-made based on the specific needs of each individual student. It uses the framework of a main curriculum but that is not something carved in stone. It is designed in a way to work around the student and to enhance any possible weaknesses, while at the same time empowering existing skills. During these workshops Gilberto and myself talked a lot about Street Photography and Photographers’ Techniques and we shared opinions and exchanged ideas about what Street Photography meant for each of us. It was a very interesting custom workshop that I enjoyed teaching. Gilberto was as receptive as any tutor would hope for but also didn’t hesitate to ask questions, making each workshop class feel like two mates chatting online about what they love the most, Street Photography.

“Touching the streets of the city”

After the 4th lesson, I asked Gilberto to think of a project he would like to work on during the remaining weeks of the course. He had to chose something that he enjoyed and that would have a clear definition when someone saw it. Something that told a story and has a certain point of view that would connect it all into one entity. So Gilberto chose to make a project about the city of Torino called “Touching the streets of the city”.

During these workshops I usually ask students if they want to share their projects with the Readers. Gilberto was the first and only student to accept this challenge and for that I thank him!

Photo by Gilberto Lacchia

So I asked him to describe his experience from start to finish so I could share it with you all dear readers, so here it is:

Workshop project – Impressions and thoughts

The project is an interesting and engaging part of the workshop. After the first 3-4 lessons, I had to figure out a project and develop it. At the end of the workshop my project should be ready and the last lesson was all dedicated to the evaluation of my photos and to the choice of the most suitable to be part of the project.

Being the first time I carried out a photographic project, I did not find it an easy task, even to figure out a suitable theme. Since I like those photographers with the ability to present subjects in an original way and from a different point of view, I decided to make a “rat view” project with a wide angle lens (30 mm equivalent).

It turned out a very interesting task. You have to shoot nearly always in a crouched position on the ground (a tilting display is almost mandatory) and this may seem a bit odd in the eyes of the passers-by. The advantage is that you see the subjects in the display but don’t look at them whereas they almost always look at you (“What is this weirdo doing?”) and you obtain many pictures with the subjects looking into the camera. Moreover the majority of people don’t know that with a short lens you are taking a picture at them, so practically nobody reacts or questions you.

In my opinion this is a “technique” particularly suitable for beginners who still have some hesitation to shoot at strangers, and at the same time it allows them to get closer to their subjects.

At the end I was satisfied with the results: the project made my interest in Street Photography even stronger, it was a source of inspiration and motivation, I now try to look at things in a new and more interesting way and, last but not least I like some of the shots that came out.

Download “Touching the streets of the city”


Street Photography is an art that connects people, it is a source of inspiring discussions and leads to great photographic revelations through experimentation and forward thinking. Learning new approaches to Street Photography is always a great way to open one’s mind to new visual stimuli and ideas. Gilberto was open to trying new things, and was willing to look at the streets around him through a new eye. What he chooses to keep from that experience is up to him, but it will certainly affect him in his work from now on. His project “Touching the streets of the city” is a testament to this change.

Thank you for sharing your project with the Readers Gilberto.


If you wish to contact Gilberto or check out his work you can visit his flickr page.


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