Announcing A Special Street Hunt in Istanbul Sponsored by Cosyspeed!

Announcing A Special Street Hunt in Istanbul Sponsored by Cosyspeed!

Announcing the Istanbul Street Hunt sponsored by Cosyspeed


Dear Readers,

Our Hamburg Street Hunt Sponsors, the awesome COSYSPEED, have offered to sponsor one more Street Hunt video for us, this time in the captivating city of Istanbul in Turkey. So, I will be heading off to Istanbul on the 20th of August for 3 days to meet Cosyspeed and record a special Street Hunt in the busy streets of one of the most colourful and exciting cities in the world.

So, Whatโ€™s The Plan?


Once I land in Istanbul I will have 36 hours to do reconnaissance of the city. I will walk around all the known places and try and connect with any local Street Photographers who are willing to share some tips about Istanbul’s streets. I will be carrying out reconnaissance on Thursday and Friday and scouting the area, so I can be sure I come up with a good plan for my Street Hunt recording on Saturday.

Recording A Special Istanbul Street Hunt Video

After being in Istanbul for 36 hours, on the Saturday of the 22nd of August, I will start recording the Istanbul Street Hunt. I will be photographing and documenting my experiences at the same time. I have a wonderful feeling about this trip. I can’t wait to get to know the city and its people and to experience new and exciting things. During my trip, I will be accompanied by Thomas Ludwig from Cosyspeed, an awesome Street Photographer in his own right, who will be shooting alongside me!

Open Invitation

If any you dear Readers are Instanbul locals or can easily find your way to Istanbul anytime between the 20th of August and the 23rd, please let me know in the comments below or contact me via the contact page. If you have lived in Istanbul and have some tips to share, please let us know. We will appreciate any pointers.


The goal of this trip is to make a great Street Hunt in Turkey both for and COSYSPEED, to discover new streets, to meet new people, experience new cultures and to share all of those awesome new things with you!

So stay tuned! More updates will be announced in the following weeks!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet โ€“ Street Still Life finalist



  1. Amazing ๐Ÿ™‚
    I will arrive to Istanbul at 20th aug. and will stay until 8th sept. It’s my second trip to istanbul and I am going to complete my street collection which I began dec2104-jan2015. So after 7 month I am going back to enjoy street photography in the amazing istanbul. It will be interesting to catch up there.

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