Street Photo of the week by Kristin Van den Eede

Street Photo of the week by Kristin Van den Eede

Photo of the week by Kristin Van den Eede

Street Photo of the week by Kristin Van den Eede

Kristin Van den Eede is a Belgian Street Photographer who loves experimenting with geometric patterns, silhouettes and reflections. She prefers to isolate her subjects in her work. Her photography is surreal, full of meaning and messages, most of them humorous messages. She is an ambitious Street Photographer always trying to push her limits to the edge. This is something you can sense in her photography if you go through her photos in a chronological order starting from her early work to her most recent. As do many Street Photographers she gets inspired by music and other great photographers of our time. A special inspiration for her is her partner in art and life Kristof Vande Velde, a brilliant Street Photographer in his own right.

You can see more of Kristin Van den Eede’s photographic work on her Flickr page and on her website at


Untitled by Kristin Van den Eede

Kristin Van den Eede’s photography is surreal and captivating. This photo is no exception. What is going on here? Who is that girl in the background? What is that light? Why is she behind transparent plastic flaps and what is she looking at? What does that sign on the wall mean? And what is that red poster all about? Is that one poster, or two posters, one pasted over the other?

Look at the composition. A perfect application of the rule of thirds. In the ⅓ on the left there is a story unfolding, in the ⅔ on the right, a collage of images attracts the viewer’s eye. That hand is very tense and has some nicely tended nails, but you can tell from the look of the dress of the woman (if it is a woman) in the poster that she is wearing clothing from another era. The small poster on the right stands out and even though it is a darker element of the photo and equal in size to the green room with the girl in the left, it is so peculiar it attracts attention. A bearded voluptuous woman holding her hair looking right at the viewer gives this photo that extra bizarreness that just makes one look intently at everything in the scene with extra attention to the details. From a colour perspective, this photos two main colours – red and green, are totally complimentary and the bluish/purple of the girl’s top and the light breaks the photo in two with the most perfect result. This is a moment that could only have been seen by an experienced street photographer with a knack for the bizarre and surreal.

Thank you Kristin Van den Eede!

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