Crit My Pic Returns!!

Crit My Pic Returns!!

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Long-term readers of might remember we ran a feature called ‘Crit My Pic’ where Casper Macindoe would provide a detailed analysis of a photo one of you guys had submitted to us.

Well, after just over a year on ice, we’d like to announce the return of the ‘Crit My Pic’ as a feature on! Ideally, we want to post a photo critique every two weeks on a Thursday, taking the place of Talking Movies while the latter enjoys a bit of a sabbatical.

What is Crit My Pic?

Crit My Pic is a feature I’ll be running where I take one of your photos and analyse it. I’ll look at things like composition, lighting, colour, subject matter and mood. I’ll say what parts of the photo I like, and make suggestions for where I think the photo can be improved. Check out Casper’s previous analyses for an idea of what this looks like – though I’ll be adding my own take on things. Crit My Pic is not designed to be a negative experience, and I’m not going to be telling anyone their work is terrible. My aim is to offer advice and constructive criticism as an impartial observer – often an outsider’s view on something can be more objective, and they can offer a new perspective on things. After you’ve read through my analysis I want you to feel like hitting the streets straight away, and applying some of my suggestions to your street photography in order to make better photos.

What kind of photo do I submit?

Submit a street photo you took that you’d like some feedback on. It can be a shot you felt was missing a certain something, a shot that frustrated you, or a shot you like. I’d love to look at photos by readers from all stages in their street photography journey, so please don’t feel put off if you’re new to street photography or shy about your work. We’re all constantly evolving as street photographers and we’re all on a journey together, so the purpose of Crit My Pic is to get you thinking both analytically and creatively, and (hopefully) help you grow as a photographer and take better pictures.

Can I submit my picture for review but remain anonymous?

Yes, of course! I understand some people may feel a little shy about having their work analysed ‘in the spotlight’, so if you don’t want your name to appear in the ‘Crit My Pic’ for your photo just mention it to us when you submit your photo. By submitting a photo to ‘Crit My Pic’ though, you need to at least accept your photo will be analysed in a post on the website – this is not a ‘private’ feature, it’s designed so everyone using the site can read an analysis of a photo submitted to us and gain something from it too – so we can all learn together!

How Will Crit My Pic Work?

We need your help to make ‘Crit My Pic’ work as a regular feature! We plan to post one photo review every two weeks on a Thursday, starting on Thursday, July 30th. The more photos we receive from different readers, the more successful ‘Crit My Pic’ can become as a regular feature!

Crit my pic

The Rules

  • Please submit one of your photos to If we can make this a successful long-term feature I’d love for you to submit a second photo after 6 months or so, in order to see your progression, but for the time being please, submit one photo per person.
  • Please give your photo a title (so I have a way of referring to it in the analysis).
  • Let us know if you want to remain anonymous. We will default to publishing your name in the analysis. If you would rather remain anonymous please tell us.
  • Photo critiques will be published in public in the ‘Crit My Pic’ section of the blog. This is allows all streethunters readers to learn from the analysis.
  • The date your photo is published will depend on the volume of submissions we receive. If we have lots of submissions it will take me a while to get to your photo, if we don’t, then it will get analysed sooner! For the time being, we plan to publish one photo analysis every two weeks on a Thursday.
  • Please submit your photo in JPG format, max image width 2048 (I may want to zoom in to check out some details).

I’m really excited to be able to take a look at everyone’s work, so please don’t hold back – submit away!!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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