Send in your photos from the 1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting in...

Send in your photos from the 1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting in London!

Send in your London photos

Dear Readers,

The time for the release of the Street Hunt video filmed during the 1st Annual Street Hunters Meeting in London is close. Only a few days away. We are planning on releasing the video on Wednesday. More than 4 hours of video have been squeezed into 41 minutes. We have tried to keep the most important and meaningful moments, along with lots of action with off camera flash photography. We will be mentioning more about the video during the actual video release. We will not say more at this moment so we don’t spoil the experience.

This time during the video we were around 25 Street Hunters shooting together. All my photos will be presented in the video as is our standard. Additionally I will be sharing my photos in a dropbox link for anyone that wants to study them separately. To make things more interesting we would like to share photos from everybody else that attended.

SH15 London

Street Hunters send in your photos

We would like to ask all Street Hunters that attended the 1st Annual Street Hunters meeting to send over to our email on our contact page a selection of photos they made during the day we met. We will then share their photos via our dropbox as albums for all to see. All photos should be at a maximum size of 1680px (longest side). We’re not able to share high res versions of your pics. If you send them in higher res that’s cool, we can convert them to a smaller size for you.

Looking forward to seeing all the photos from that day!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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