Street Photo of the week by Ilan Burla

Street Photo of the week by Ilan Burla

Street Photo of the week - Dog Up by Ilan Burla

Street Photo of the week by Ilan Burla

Ilan Burla is a member of the Readers Flickr group and a regular poster. All I know about him is that he is from Israel and that his photography has something that attracts my eye. I tried searching the web for more information about him but unfortunately I couldn’t find much. When visiting his facebook page I noticed that he is friends with two previously featured Israeli Street Photographers. Ilan Ben Yehuda and Gabi Ben Avraham, both members of the APF Collective.

Ilan, if you are reading this and would like to provide us with more information about yourself, please visit our Contact Page and shoot us an email or comment in the comments below.

Ilan is a fanatic photographer that works as a CG Animator. He loves street photography and for that reason always carries a camera around with him at all times. He believes in capturing small fragmets of life that tell a story from his own point of view. He longs for more time for street photography but his family and full time job leave him less time on his hands than he would like. He enjoyes studying talented street photographers work. From the older, established photographers to the newer talents that are appearing in Social Media.

You can see more of Ilan Burla’s photographic work on his Flickr page and on his Instragram page at

Dog Up

Dog Up by Ilan Burla

A photograph full of energy and motion, presenting a unique, never again to be repeated moment in time and above all composed masterfully, proving that instinctive impulsive reactions are just as important as patience, logic and observation in photography.

Ilan has managed to capture this wonderful Alsatian in mid air with its legs open, tail pointed upwards and gaze focused on something that we, the viewers can not see. The Dog is Up as the title clearly states but it is not free. The boy is there, holding on to the lead, keeping the dog under control.

Looking carefully one can notice that the Dog and the Boy form a perfect triangle in the middle of the frame. Then the Dog on it’s own forms 4 more triangles the all meet in the middle of its body. One is formed by its tail and its body, the other by its tail and right leg, one by both legs and another by its left leg and body. Another additional triangle is formed by the boy’s legs. Also, looking at this image having applied the rule of thirds one also notices that the centre of the dog’s body is where the left vertical and lower horizontal line meet, whereas the centre of the boy’s body is where the right vertical and lower horizontal line meet. Because the Dog is closer to the lens of the camera than the boy is, and the boy is closer than the background is, the viewer also feels the depth of the photograph through the multiple layers. I could continue analysing but I think it is better if you, dear Readers, share your thoughts about this amazing image with us in the comments.

Thank you Ilan Burla!

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