Street Photo of the week by Sion Fullana

Street Photo of the week by Sion Fullana

Photo of the week by Sion Fullana

Street Photo of the week by Sion Fullana

Sion Fullana is a Street Photographer originally from Spain that is now living in New York City. He has had his work featured many times in International Exhibitions, Blogs, Magazines, TV and more. He teaches online workshops on Street Photography, Portraiture and the concept of “Documenting Your World” using journalistic and documentary techniques.

He is fascinated by stories that come from real life. He enjoys photographing and sharing as many Visual Stories as he can. As he himself states on his website:

“I love capturing stories and emotions from life and sharing them with the world through the new visual social media channels.”

Sion is a professional photographer who shoots commercial work for the entertainment industry, he shoots portraits, fashion, events and more. On another level, his personal work includes many photo series and collections that are focused mainly on Street Photography, Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. His Street Photography is striking, vibrant and in most cases surreal. Even though he shares both B&W and colour photographs, he manages to do so harmoniously. It is well worth your time to jump into his Street Photography portfolio and check it out for yourself.

You can see more of Sion Fullana’s photographic work on his Flickr page and of course on his personal website at

Red, White & Blue

"Red White and Blue" by Sion Fullana

As soon as I look at this photo, a sense of color harmony and composition overwhelms me. Sion has managed to capture an image that feels like an natural extension of the shapes and colors of the USA flag that is on the side of the train. Looking carefully I come to understand why it feels this way. The elements in this photo match up so nicely that only a very experienced Street Photographer could have noticed them in real time. Sion’s trained photographic eye and quick reflexes made these connections in a fraction of a second allowing him to make this amazing image. But what are those elements?

I can only share with you what I have noticed and what captivated my thoughts while examining the photo. Maybe you can see more hidden gems dear Reader. If so please share your thoughts in the comments.

Going back to the photo let’s take a look at what makes it such a compelling image. I would like to start by saying that the POV is from a slightly higher point of the train. It makes me think the photographer is on the top of another train cart or somewhere that is high enough to give him that higher vantage point but close enough to give him that wide to normal look.

Moving on, the main focus of my eyes falls upon the USA flag that is made of three colors, Red, White & Blue. If you noticed, that is the name of the photo, but why? Are the Red, White & Blue colors so prominent? Actually they are, but not because they are on the flag only. They are the dominant colors of the image. The woman standing with her back to the door has a blue top, the other two visible people in the right window have red and white clothes respectively. But those are not the only places in the photo that Red, White & Blue appear. The top part of the photo is dominated by those colours. The red building brick, the blue sky and the white clouds follow that colour combination. So we have the USA flag, the people’s clothes and the top part of the photo all colour coded in the same way. Amazing! But I haven’t finished.

Closing I would like to say that what blew my mind more than anything was the way the window of the door with the girl and the blue top, the window on the right with the people in the white and red clothes and the vertical lines of the train exterior are similar in colour and shape to the USA flag. Just look carefully and you will see it.
Thank you Sion Fullana!

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