Street Photo of the week by Jose Sanchez

Street Photo of the week by Jose Sanchez

Street Photo of the Week by Jose Sanchez

Street Photo of the week by Jose Sanchez

The amazing thing about the internet is that anyone can get their message across the world and reach thousands of people without too much of an effort. Sometimes that message gets stronger depending on the number of voices that spread it. So any one of us can share our work on the web and depending how good it is, it can reach people all around the globe. Well, one day Jose Sanchez’s “message” reached me. Not in the form of an email, a text message or any other direct way one would think. Instead I kept on receiving submissions for our Flickr Group from him that I liked a lot. At first I didn’t notice his name. Then when a second and third submission popped in our Flickr Group inbox, I started to recognise him. So the other day I was looking at one of his shots and I was thinking:

“Jose Sanchez, Jose Sanchez? I remember that name. Hmmm, is that the guy that sent that other cool photo? Let me check. Oh wow, yes it is! Oh, he is the same guy that has sent in so many amazing photos I have liked in the past! Awesome! A new discovery!”

I wrote this introduction because I couldn’t find any information on the internet about Jose. However at the same time through flickr he has managed to touch thousands of people, even if nobody knows anything about him as a person. His art is out there, speaking for itself and getting louder by the minute, attracting the attention of more and more viewers. One can figure that easily out from the sheer volume of published photos and the crazy amount of favs and comments he receives for each one of his photos. Unfortunately I don’t have more info, so if you are reading this Jose, please send me a link with more information about you so I can share it here with the Readers.

19/04/2015 Update: Jose contaced us and gave us some extra info. So, he is originally from Mexico. He is 31 years old. Currently he lives in Melbourne, Australia and according to him:

“This place has got so many interesting things and people to shoot everyday and everywhere.”

The only source of information I have is Jose’s Flickr account which is here


Untitled by Jose Sanchez

Just by looking at this photograph a person can understand that the man that took this shot is a man that never parts with his camera. What we are looking at here is an ibis walking across the pavement in the direction the arrow is pointing. The arrow is pointing towards the left and it clearly states that pedestrians should go that way. Above is another sign that mentions to “Watch your step” that fits perfectly with the delicate walking style of the ibis. The orange colours make the whole picture come to life but also at the same time help define the bird that is just plain black and white. But the question that hits me when I look at this photo is WTF is that bird doing there!? This is a one of a kind, never again to be repeated, well composed photograph! A killer shot!

Thank you Jose Sanchez!

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