Street Photo of the week by Juan María Rodríguez

Street Photo of the week by Juan María Rodríguez

Street Photo of the week by Juan María Rodríguez

Street Photo of the week by Juan María Rodríguez

Not much is known about Spanish Street Photographer Juan María Rodríguez. We spotted him through our Flickr Readers group. We researched him as much as possible but not many things could be discovered. So, all we know about Juan María Rodríguez is that he is from Almería Spain and that he currently lives in Seville Spain. He uses a mixture of monochrome and black and white and his photos seem as if they each have their own style. One photo isn’t like another. Some are with wide angle lenses, others with normal lenses, others black and white and others colour. He plays with shadows, with light, with contrast, with focal points, he does portraits, he gets close and he shoots from afar. He is experimenting, searching, looking for new perspectives and new compositions. We like how he isn’t afraid to show all of his work, how he mixes things up, how he doesn’t mind to show a b&w portrait next to a colour street scene with heavy shadows. He clearly photographs because he loves it and he shoots for the moment.

You can see more of Juan María Rodríguez’ photographic work on his flickr account at, or on his facebook profile page at

The girl and the cat

"The girl and the cat" by Juan María Rodríguez

BLUE! BAM! Wow, just look at that blue! There is no way you can overlook this photograph. The vibrancy of the blues in this shot are stunning. But the blue colour is the bait. It attracts the attention of the viewer making them look into a photograph that has been composed expertly. The layers are apparent once one gets over the explosion of blues: the cat is on a different level to the girl and also placed at a different height. The cat is eating, the girl looks troubled. She is holding something in her little hand, a hand that is dirty. Is it food? Is it an object she uses for a toy? She looks as if she is afraid, as if she isn’t comfortable, standing against the blue wall in her blue dress wearing those bright red shoes that pop out of the photo.

Let me guide you through the journey my eye takes each time I look at this photograph so you can follow my path. First the blues hit me, then when I realize that I am actually looking at a blue painted wall and not a wall of ice, I notice the girl in the right corner. My eye goes from her hand, covering her face to her dress, to her little red shoes and then follows the shadow formed by the step all the way up to the cat that is eating its snack. Finally my eye ends on the crack under the door on the left. Yes! There is a door there that without the crack wouldn’t have been easy to notice at first glance. After I have seen all these elements and made my own interpretation of the photo, I then notice the window and the ground on the left of the photo. It really is an exceptional image. Great capture!

Thank you Juan María Rodríguez!

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