A smoke in the park

A smoke in the park

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This is a photograph that has been shot with a Yashica Electro 35 CC with Kodak T-MAX 100 film, in Rethymno, Crete, Greece.

I don’t remember when exactly I made this photograph, but it was a summer and it must have been sometime after 19:00 judging by the height of the sun. What I do remember though is how thrilled I was to be using Kodak T-MAX 100 film in my little Yashica Electro 35 CC. It was the same period of time that the Yashica was the only camera I shot.

I was in the Rethymno gardens. The Rethymno Gardens are simply designed. They are square and they have 2 main paths intersecting. One starts from the West gate and ends to the East gate and the other starts at the North gate and ends at the South gate. There are other smaller paths that are diagonal to those main paths but are less used by the people that enjoy sitting here to relax. So the main 2 paths are the ones that are usually of the most interest.

I remember walking in to this scene while heading home after a couple of hours of shooting. This was one of the last frames on my roll of 36. I saw this guys smoking, huffing and puffing from the centre of the gardens, where the 2 main paths meet. I was hoping that by the time I reached him he would still be there and also that nobody else would walk into my scene and ruin it for me. Lucky for me, everything worked out the way I wanted it to. Technically, I really didn’t know what kind of photograph I was ┬ámaking because I had never shot T-MAX 100 before with this camera and I had never developed T-MAX 100 either. So I was hoping for a nice contrasty shot. Lucky for me the shot turned out much better than I had anticipated. I was incredibly pleased with the result. I still am as a matter of fact. The majority of my frames from that roll came out looking sharp and contrasty. It was a good roll.


"A smoke in the park" by Spyros Papaspyropoulos


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  1. Very nice story and picture ! I like the framing a lot.

    For B&W I tried T-Max 100, FP4+, HP5+, Lomography Earl grey… The T-Max is “easy” as it gives a lot of tones between black and white, easy to adjust at your convenience. FP4+ gives stronger images but is a bit less easy to tweak afterwards. Lomo Earl Grey is very good for my taste, very close to the T-max. I just finished a roll of PanF50 which allowed me to use my camera wide open more often ­čÖé lots of details, a bit like the T-Max but one stop slower. All this is only my taste and experience, of course.

    Good posts, keep going !

    • Thank you very much for commenting Pierre-Alain and many thanks for sharing your experiences with the films T-Max 100, FP4+, HP5+, Lomography Earl grey & PanF50. I usualy shoot with ilfords FP4 and HP5 and I will agree with you. T-MAX 100 gets good results most of the times and is easy to develop too, not that ilford films are hard, but they don’t get the same results. I haven’t tried Lomography Earl grey or PanF50. I should give those a go too!
      Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

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