Baltimore Style

Baltimore Style

Weekly pic.

As warmer weather slowly creeps near, I realize now it is true what they say… absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s been so long since I shot in Baltimore, my heart truly aches to get there again. The harsh winter and physical setbacks have stopped me from visiting Charm City since the fall. I am most anxious to get back.

I’ve previously discussed the advantages of shooting in Baltimore in comparison to the smaller cities here in south central Pennsylvania. Simply put, there’s more people and more scenes. It’s a major metropolis. But I haven’t really touched on an element that’s also more abundant in Charm City. That, my friends, is individual style.

Now check out the main “character” in this shot. The gentleman in the fedora, sport jacket, shorts and dress shoes is definitely marching to his own beat. You would be hard-pressed to find brave fashion decisions such as that in my neck of the woods. I’m by no means fashion-conscious, but I do appreciate and applaud individuality. And let’s be honest, those who are adventurous with their wardrobe can indeed be click-worthy. Bottom line is this, a bigger city means more diversity across the board. I appreciate and love all my area has to offer. It can truly be satisfying shooting here. But if this area it’s a three-course meal, Baltimore is very much a buffet. See you soon.

P.S… I’ve shot this gentleman before, in another part of the city. You can see him on my G+ background shot!

"Baltimore Style" by Andrew Sweigart


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