Street Photo of the week by Yves Vernin

Street Photo of the week by Yves Vernin

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Street Photo of the week by Yves Vernin

Yves Vernin is a Street Photographer from Marseille in the South France. Marseille, being on the Mediterranean has amazing light, like most Mediterranean cities do. Yves knows that and makes sure to take advantage of it as much as possible. Using that stunning light, the reflections and out of the usual light sources, he has managed to create a portfolio of very impressive photographs of people in the most unbelievable situations. Each photograph that Yves produces, especially his latest colour work amazes me and makes me feel inspired to grab my camera and hit the streets!

Combining his inherent intuition with a very good understanding of art and actual shooting range experience, Yves is equipped with some of the most important skills that a great Street Photographer should master. Spontaneity, Understanding of light and a great aim!

You can see more of Yves Vernin’s photographic work on his Flickr account at , his GooglePluse account or on his 500px portfolio at

Pride, Vieux-port

Pride by Yves Vernin

Going through Yves Vernin’s portfolio is an incredible experience. Every image has something to offer, some awkward situation, some amazing expression, or most commonly a fantastic result of the precise study of light. For the Street Photo of the Week, this time I have chosen the photograph “Pride, Vieux-port”. In this photograph a girl is featured, holding a chinese fan in her hand and wearing the most amazing expression of tranquility and happiness. Her imposing figure, takes up nearly half of the photograph real estate while the rest of the photo is filled with a combination of hues of blue and grey. Besides that part of the composition, we notice a juxtaposition between the main character and the secondary character in the background in the bottom left. One seems free and happy and relaxed, while the other seems concerned even worried with what she is reading on her mobile phone screen. A great moment frozen in time.

Thank you Yves Vernin!

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