Street Photo of the week by Gabi Ben Avraham

Street Photo of the week by Gabi Ben Avraham

Learning to fly by Gabi Ben avraham promo

Street Photo of the week by Gabi Ben Avraham

Gabi Ben Avraham from Tel Aviv is one of those Street Photographers that has a style that is full of energy! Nearly all of his photographs include at least one person in action, doing something mind blowing, something unique. Every single one of his photographs are captivating, jaw dropping. He captures life in very, very high speeds, freezing fractions of seconds, moments that the human eye can’t see, moments that happen around us all the time but most of us miss. Gabi Ben Avraham has the gift of sight and he puts it to good use. As you can tell by my writings, I admire his work and find it simply fantastic. Gabi Ben Avraham’s photography is inspiring for me, both his Black & White and Colour photos. They all have his “distinctive signature” on them. So, I invite you to check out his work for yourself and enjoy the moments he has frozen forever in time for us all to enjoy.

You can see more of Gabi Ben Avraham’s photographic work on his Flickr account at or on his website at—gabi-ben-avraham.html.

Learning to fly

 Learning to fly by Gabi Ben avraham

Learning to fly is a photograph that just hits you like this… BAM! WOW! Gabi Ben Avraham has used a narrow aperture to capture everything in focus. The boy on the right is jumping most probably into the sea or a swimming pool exactly at the same time an airplane is landing. Because of the narrow aperture it seems that the boy and the plane are at the same distance and he is jumping into the air to grab it. Or another interpretation could be that the boy is mimicking the airplane and is “learning to fly” in a similar fashion. Whichever way one looks at this photograph, it has impact and impresses. But what of the control tower. This is also an important element that adds balance to the photo. Without it the effect would not be similar. Existing on another level of distance the tower seems smaller than normal. So now we have 3 main focal points that all appear distorted in size. It is very interesting how a skilled photographer can manipulate objects with his camera.

Thank you Gabi Ben Avraham!

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