Street Photo of the week by Colin Templeton

Street Photo of the week by Colin Templeton

Street Photo of the week by Colin Templeton

Colin Templeton is a Street Photographer that is based in Glasgow, Scotland that works for the Herald, the Sunday Herald and the Evening Times. During his 20 years of experience, Colin has been awarded many times and also has been ranked as one of the world’s Top 50 Greatest Street Photographers. He is passionate about shooting urban scenes and documenting the life that surrounds him and doesn’t find the cliches interesting. As he himself states on his website:

My true passion, is documenting everyday life, especially the urban environment.  I am less inclined to shoot the classic images which abound on picture postcards; the darker corners of the city are what I find most compelling.

After studying Colin Templeton’s work I noticed that all of his photographs have a certain quality to them. They all have a certain style that can be none other than Colin’s personal touch. Colin Templeton is a member of the Elephant Gun collective and you can find some of his work on his Elephant Gun page.

You can see more of Colin Templeton’s photographic work on his 500px account at, on the Elephant Gun collective website on the section about him at or on his website at


"Downfall" by Colin Templeton

This is one of those photographs that just stick! I remember scanning through Colin’s photos, when I stumbled upon this one and just remained there looking. This demolition, this downfall demonstrates an end of an era and a new beginning. Just looking at the building go down, I can’t help to wonder if any of the onlookers used to live in it and if they did what could they possibly be feeling, seeing their building, their home being destroyed into brick, dust and debris. All people but a few are looking, staring at or photographing the event, maybe even video recording the destruction. But, amongst the destruction and the confusion, their remains order, as the 3 building stay standing in line, as if they are waiting to be the new landmarks, of the area or, as if they are waiting for their turn to be demolished.

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