Announcing changes to!

Announcing changes to!

Announcing Digby Fullam


Dear Readers,

As you might remember, a while back our dear friend Casper Macindoe retired from the brand for personal reasons. Casper was a creative genius and a wonderful person, our team’s zen master. Always creative, tranquil and helpful. Him leaving left Andrew and myself struggling to keep up with the flow of things and the fast pace we had set for by then. Happily, we have managed to succeed, especially with the help of Anton Fortein and the other SHRC moderators that have completely taken over management of our GooglePlus Community. This gave us some extra time to work on our website’s content and to keep it constantly up to date.

We have been busy

It has been nearly 8 months since Casper’s departure. Since then we have organised our first successful SHRC exhibition in Athens, we have made our first Calendar and started reviewing Street Photography books. We produced our first Sponsored Street Hunt in Hamburg, Germany, sponsored by our friends at Cosyspeed! We met many of you dear Readers in person and got to spend time shooting and talking with you! We have also had the awesome pleasure of having worked with great names in Street Photography such as Thomas Leuthard who wrote a post for us! We also got interviewed on the amazing Paul Griffiths “Live and uncut show” and on the Street Focus Podcast with the lovely host Valerie Jardin! We got to look into so many awesome Street Hunters Readers camera bags and get a glimpse of the personality of each Reader that shared his / her bag with the world through our website!

However an adventure isn’t an adventure without having to overcome obstacles! If you remember, we went through some hard times when we had to face hack attacks, but luckily emerged without too many scars to show. Or the other time when our host was having serious issues and we were offline for more than 24 hours. We migrated our website over night in order to be online as fast as possible! All in all we have had memorable times!

Thank you all for being there to share all these awesome moments with you!

What did we learn?

During those months, both myself and Andrew learned one important thing. The project is too big for just the 2 of us, so we have asked a good friend and Reader to help us out by joining our team. Please welcome Digby Fullam!

Digby Fullam

At this point, I thought it best to let Digby introduce himself so, here is a message from him:

“Hi guys, I thought I’d introduce myself, as I’ve not been hugely active in the Street Hunters reader’s community despite being a long time lurker. I’m originally from a countryside town near Norwich in the South East of England, but I now split my time between there and Rethymno, a university city on the Greek island of Crete. I originally have a background in car design, which is where I developed my initial interest in photography. I discovered people are altogether much more interesting than metal though, so I ended up studying an international relations degree. I enjoy learning more about the world and my passion for visual communication has driven me towards a love of photojournalism. I’ve found street photography to be one of the perfect forms of photojournalism and a great way to practice my visual storytelling. No matter what else is going on, if I’ve got a spare hour or so I can take my camera and head out on the streets and attempt to document the world around me. Unlike most of the younger graduates in Greece who are leaving the country in search of work, I’ve actually found I’m spending more and more time here – mainly because I think Greece is an almost perfect location for street photography. There’s something about the quality of the light and the people here that is just magical!!

In the depths of the cold English winter of 2013 I was pining for Greece and I found Spyros Papaspyropoulos’ work on Flickr, which is how I came across Street Hunters and the fantastic Street Hunt videos on YouTube. When I came to Crete Spyros and I met up for a street hunt and we’ve since become good friends. Through him I’ve met some fantastic fellow street photographers and readers – in fact you can see us all having a great time (and a few beers) in the streethunters post “Are you bored of shooting in the same location every day?” I really admire and respect what Andrew, Casper and Spyros have built in StreetHunters, and in particular the way they have nurtured us as a community of readers. As clichéd and hackneyed as it sounds it’s really cool that a group of disparate people from all over the world can not only share and appreciate a common interest but that we can also inspire and encourage one another in our pursuit of making great art. With that in mind I look forward to sharing some of my work and writing with you, and I hope I’m able to reach the very high bar that Andrew, Casper and Spyros have set. I will probably also be assisting Spyros with his streethunt videos, so hopefully you will also get to know me as a face and not just a rambling disembodied voice. It’s a pleasure to be on board guys, and here’s to the future and some great street photography!


Welcome on board Digby! We look forward to moving ahead with you on board!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



  1. Welcome Digby, great to know you are with these awesome street photography guys. Have a great time and all the best. Streethunters. net ROCKS!!!! 🙂

  2. Welcome aboard Digby!! I am sure you will be a great support to Spyros and Andrew, and a source of encouragement for the rest of the community. I will admit I am truly envious of ‘that great light’ you guys in Crete have to contend with 😉
    I am sure you will be a valuable asset to Spyros and Andrew in taking Street Hunters from strength to strength. Congrats

    • Such kind words Anton, thank you so much! I’m hoping to do all I can to assist and help to keep the site growing. We’ve got some exciting ideas on the horizon!

      PS Yeah we’re truly blessed in Crete when it comes to light and weather (normally at least, right now we’re all freezing as winter has come out of nowhere!!).

  3. Spyros and Andrew – it’s great news that Digby’s joined you on the Street Hunters team. A talented trio to take things forward – best wishes to you all for the future!

  4. All the best and welcome, Digby. I am envious that you have made the move to a wonderful part of the world. Greece and its islands are inhabited by such welcoming, friendly people. Perhaps that I why I love to holiday in that part of the Med.

    • Thank you Roving Eye! Yes, I agree I’m very lucky indeed to be here right now! And the Greek people are indeed some of the most warm and friendly people I’ve ever had the good fortune of meeting. If you do return to this neck of the woods for a holiday please drop Spyros or myself a line and we shall see if we can arrange a Street Hunt.

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