No swimming

No swimming

This is a photograph that has been shot with a Sony NEX-6 and a 35 mm Sony SEL35F18 lens, in Baltimore, USA.

There’s several things that make street photography so great. But perhaps the greatest thing is the unpredictability. Anything can happen. Anything. That’s what it pays to stay alert. Keep your head on a swivel and the camera at the ready. Of course there’s days when the street gives me absolutely nothing. Or, it could be a case where my eye wasn’t “on”… I just wasn’t feeling it.

A day in Baltimore, in the summer, usually results in a productive street hunt and this day was a particularly bountiful one. I had luck in Fell’s Point and Little Italy, so I decided to go to the Inner Harbor, a hot tourist spot.

At McKeldin Plaza, it’s modernist fountain is a prime spot for shooting, I came across what appeared to be some sort of photoshoot with these three young women. If I had to guess, it was for swimwear. They had just got out of the fountain, which was clearly marked with the “no swimming” sign. Obviously they didn’t care or just ignored the posting. I took full advantage of the situation and snapped a few shots. When going back to review the images, I really liked two of them. But this one spoke to me the most. I think it’s because of the eye contact.

Word is the city is considering tearing down this fountain. I sincerely hope they don’t.

"No swimming" by Andrew Sweigart


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