Announcing your favourite Theme Contest photo for 2014!

Announcing your favourite Theme Contest photo for 2014!

Most favourite photo for 2014 by Simon Ashmore


As mentioned in every Monthly Theme Contest we have had in 2014 and also in our post called “The photos of the 2014 calendar!”, at the end of the year of 2014 we asked you to choose your favourite photo out of the 12 winning shots. That favourite photo, as we promised, is to receive a winning prize. The prize is a free Street Hunters calendar that will include all the photos from all the Monthly Theme Contests of 2014! Hurray!

We published the poll before the year’s end and you all voted and decided that your favourite shot was the winner of the December 2014 Theme Contest that was about “Signs of Human Influence”. That photo was shot by Reader Simon Ashmore!


So once again, many congratulations Simon Ashmore! You are the proud winner of a free copy of the 2014 Street Hunters Calendar!!!

Signs of Human Influence

Hey, where is the Calendar?

You might be asking, where is that Calendar? Well, unfortunately, we still haven’t received High Res photos of the winning shots from all winners. So, I will be sending out personal email notifications to all winners in order to get those High Res copies over here as fast as possible. We are just as anxious to get this published as you are! I can’t wait to hang a Calendar on my wall in the Street Hunters studio!

We need your High Res photos dear winners!

So, if you are one of the winners of the previous Theme Contests and you are reading this post and you still haven’t sent in your photo in High Res, please send it in as soon as possible! If you don’t send it in, we will have to use a low res version and your photo. Hmmm, not good.

Simon Ashmore, congrats again and to all of you a Happy 2015!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



  1. Hi to all the readers and followers. Thank you very much for voting. Really really pleased to have won the December competition, let alone the overall one. Up against some very strong images.

    All the best to everyone in 2015!

    Cheers Simon

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