Street Photo of the week by Thomas Leuthard

Street Photo of the week by Thomas Leuthard

Bucur Obor by Thomas Leuthard promo

Street Photo of the week by Thomas Leuthard

Thomas Leuthard is one of the most influential contemporary Street Photographers that I know of. He is from Switzerland and has a huge passion for shooting in the streets. Thomas got involved in Street Photography some years back and since then has been as dedicated to the art as one can possibly be. Traveling the world, Thomas has managed to capture images of people from numerous countries. His collection is immense and the quality of his work is always top notch. He specializes in silhouettes and candid street portraits. He emphasizes in good composition and perfect exposure. You will rarely see a photo of his that is blurry or out of focus. I would characterise him as precise and extremely detailed with a very good eye for unique faces and details. If you visit his flickr stream you will see some really amazing works, each photo is a feast for your eyes. Thomas’ contribution to Street Photography is of the utmost significance. The reason is because he offers his knowledge and experience through many communication channels. He teaches workshops, he shares tips on videos on YouTube and most importantly he has written books that any Street Hunter would find most useful. I recommend you visit his e-book section on his website to download and read them all. They are totally free, well written and easy to understand.

If you need to see more of Thomas Leuthard’s photographic work you can visit his website at or on his Flickr account at

Bucur Obor‎ 

Bucur Obor by Thomas Leuthard

I don’t know many things about this photograph, except that it was shot in Bucharest, Romania. Thomas Leuthard has managed to capture a one of a kind scene where two hard looking men, are staring at him intently through a window of a train or a bus, with hard eyes. But that is not all. As you can see the window has condensation, making the photograph much more dramatic and interesting. The captivating gazes, the rough, weather beaten faces of the two men, give this image a strong and impactful style. The silhouette of the other man in the far back, makes the viewer understand the depth of the train or bus cart and adds an extra note of interest to the overall composition. A true masterpiece in my opinion. 

Thank you Thomas Leuthard!

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