We won the battle against Malware!

We won the battle against Malware!

Website is clean from Malware and protected against attacks


Dear Streethunters.net Readers,

Some of you might have noticed an ugly red screen popping up when visiting our website pages today. The reason for that was because our website had been attacked by a very nasty and very fresh Malware that only appeared on the Interwebs 4 days ago on Sunday. Our website got attacked and successfully infected yesterday and then again very early in the morning today.

About our security policy

We take security very seriously at Streethunters.net and we do not leave things to chance. Our website had all the latest security patches installed when the attack took place and is also backed by a highly respected security suite since it first launched keeping our data and you safe from almost all possible attacks. Unfortunately this latest attack was by a brand new Malware that struck us very quickly indeed, before our security software had any chance to update.

Our actions

Yesterday afternoon as soon as we noticed what was happening we started taking action on our own. We eradicated the danger and cleaned the website using tools and guidelines we found on security forums. Tips written by other website owners that had been attacked by the SoakSoak Malware. By early evening yesterday www.streehunters.net was clean again and the damage was repaired. We restored and thought that we had overcome the danger swiftly and with style.

But here in Greece we have a saying. “Your luck works even when you are sleeping” which means that the world keeps on moving, sometimes to your disadvantage, even when you are asleep. You might go to sleep and wake up to a different reality. That is what happened to us. Last night, after fighting this infection we got a good night’s sleep feeling good about ourselves only to wake up to a nightmare!

In the morning we noticed that more than 50% of our website files had got infected and compromised. It all seemed to have happened in “a blink of an eye”. The infection had spread and our website not only was infected but also blacklisted. That means that it was temporarily removed from the search results and marked as a malicious website that aims to attack and infect its users.

We thought it proper to inform you through a Social Media post we shared with you this morning on Facebook, GooglePlus and Twitter about the situation. We hope that you received the message and understood that this was something that in no way had anything to do with us. This was an attack on our website by a 3rd party and a vicious one too.

We needed to take immediate action, but this time we didn’t rely only on our expertise. We asked for help from a Security Agency specialising in these issues. Sucuri, the security agency that we have now partnered with, managed to completely restore our files, destroy the infection and get us removed from the blacklists. Our website is now safe and will remain safe.

New security measures

After this incident, we decided that we mustn’t just be serious about our security. We must be paranoid!!! There is just no other way to be safe. So with clean files to work on, we updated our existing security suite and purchased a bundle of monitoring and security options from our new security partner, Sucuri. To put your mind at ease, we guarantee our security and to show it we have now placed a badge on our pages to let you know that we do not take these things lightly. So, feel free to safely surf the pages of our website once again!

Thank you all!

Dear Readers, thank you all for rushing to inform us about this! We got emails and social media messages from you expressing your support and wishing us good luck! Thanks! You Rock!

Important Note

You might still get a warning notification for the next 12 hours. If so, don’t worry. Your web browser will get updated eventually.

Enough of this, lets get back to Street Photography!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



  1. Awesome of you to be so transparent. Love it.

    +1 for “paranoia” = most are way to far on the “apathy” end of the spectrum when it comes to security!


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