Winner of the Cosyspeed Camslinger 160 Street Edition Contest!

Winner of the Cosyspeed Camslinger 160 Street Edition Contest!

Announcing the winner of the Cosyspeed Camslinger Contest!


What an exciting month that November has been! Not long ago Cosyspeed asked us to hold a special Street Photography contest for you the Street Hunters Readers, in order to celebrate a new CAMSLINGER release. The brand new CAMSLINGER 160 Street edition! We thank the guys at Cosyspeed for this smashing collaboration. We loved it!

What was the contest about

What we had asked you guys to do, in case you missed the contest post, was to try and replicate as best as possible the famous photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson known as the “Decisive Moment”! Then Cosyspeed would look through all the photos and would choose a winner! The winner would be the photo that looked closer to the original and would win the Cosyspeed CAMSLINGER 160 Street edition! Awesome!

Today is the day!

So the day has come for us to unveil the winning photo! Additionally we will share with you all the total 15 photographs that we received, along with the name of each Photographer. We thank you all for your participation and congratulations to the winner!

Message from Cosyspeed and winning photo

Before we share all the photos, please read Cosyspeed’s message which announces the winner:

Congratulations to Eleni Mahera! You are the winner of the contest as the COSYSPEED team liked your image the most. Regarding the intention to “rebuild” the decisive moment from Monsieur Cartier-Bresson, Eleni’s image was in our opinion the most “pure” realization. To rebuild an image or to find one within the images one has made over the years, is somehow tough. Eleni’s approach to break it down to the basics, mixed with some abstraction, was the winning factor when we made our choice. But to make a choice was very very difficult as so many great images where sent to our friends at Street Hunters. Some are closer to the initial image, some are not. But all of them have captured this decisive moment like the one of the godfather of street photography. So we’d like to thank all of you for participating and to share your GREAT works!!! And many thanks to Street Hunters for teaming up in this very cool contest!!!

Thomas from COSYSPEED

Eleni Mahera - Winner of the Cosyspeed Camslinger Contest by and Cosyspeed

The photo that won the competition is by Eleni Mahera! Congratulations!

The 15 submissions

As Thomas mentioned in his message, there were so many great images and the choice was very hard for them to make. The total number of the photos were 15. We have added them all below in a gallery for you to see.

The winning prize

Eleni once again congratulations! You will be contacted by Cosyspeed very soon to verify your win and to share your contact information with them. Next thing you know, a brand new CAMSLINGER 160 Street edition will be on it’s way to you! We wish you enjoy it a lot and remember this competition every time you use it!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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