Free Street Photography eBook – “Città Eterna” BY Alex Coghe

Free Street Photography eBook – “Città Eterna” BY Alex Coghe


Alex Coghe is a multitalented artist. He is an Established Photojournalist from Italy. Besides that he also specialises in Erotic Photography, Writing, Editing, Publishing and Teaching Photography. If you have been searching the web for cool free resources about Street Photography, then you will have most certainly stumbled upon his free Street Photography ebooks.

Alex is currently based in Mexico City where he teaches photography workshops and is involved in various personal projects. He loves travelling around the world, meeting other photographers and sharing what he knows.

You can learn more about Alex Coghe and his work on his official website at If you wish to download the rest of his free ebooks you can do so at Enjoy!

Città Eterna – Free exclusive ebook for

Alex Coghe is a read for a long time. He really likes our work and that is why he felt the need to give something back to our growing community of readers.

He contacted me on Facebook a few days ago and asked me if he could offer us a free ebook exclusively for I of course accepted, since Alex is an awesome Street Photographer and a great guy! I thought “Wow! Our Readers will love this!” So I said yes and a day later, Alex sent me this awesome ebook, full of amazing B&W shots captured in one of my most favourite cities in the world. Bella Roma! Rome!

I have been to Rome twice and it is one of the most amazing places in the world. When you are there it feels like you are walking through history. Everything is so well preserved and the feeling of Eternity ligers in the air. No wonder they call it the Eternal City, Città Eterna!

In the introduction of the book, Alex explains why he chose the Eternal City for this Exclusive book:

“I am Alex Coghe, Italian, born and raised in Rome, the Eternal City, but I live in Mexico for 5 years now and last year I went back to my hometown.

As a street photographer I was surprised to discover a city true to itself and yet different. Through this selection of images I would share what were my feelings at seeing the city where I grew up and for whom I have a deep love.

A city in which it is impossible to remain impervious to the millenarian suggestions, where you can still experience the sensation of being in places from the majestic past, a past still present, where you can absorb naturally the ancient glories of a culture that has dominated and influenced the history of man.

In the proposed images I tried to pay tribute to the grandeur of the Eternal City (Città Eterna).”

Download Link

Click on the ebook name “Città Eterna” to download the free PDF ebook by Alex Coghe.

Thank You Alex!

Alex Coghe thank you for sharing your work with the Readers as a free ebook. That was a very generous gesture!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


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