Street Photo of the week by Laurent Roch

Street Photo of the week by Laurent Roch

Street Photo of the week by Laurent Roch

Laurent Roch is a French Street Photographer, born in Paris. He has been passionate about photography ever since he was an 11 year old boy when he photographed anything that attracted his attention and mostly his family. Currently he lives in Nice in Franse. Nice is in the south of France and the Mediterranean light and weather are things that Laurent seems to appreciate and that can be seen through his photographs. He has traveled to many places, making photos and documenting life, paying attention to every single detail. If you visit his website you will see his huge collection of amazing photographs from Paris, Cannes, Nice, New York, London, Gramat, Italy and more. His style is very precise and because of his love for details, you can notice that his photographs are all well thought out and framed perfectly!

Laurent Roch’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed. He has been awarded many prizes and has had his work exhibited and is also a proud member of the Street Photographers collective.

You can see more of Laurent Roch’s photographic work on his flickr account at, on his website at and of course on his dedicated page on the Street Photographers collective website at


"Nice" by Laurent Roch A wonderful game of layers and great colour combinations make this photograph a fresh composition, full of energy, life and movement. Even though this photograph has been shot in beautiful Nice, the American flag gives the impression that it has been captured in the USA. But, let’s get back to the layers and the lovely composition that Laurent has achieved here. There are 5 different levels to the picture, the boy on the left, the girl on the right, the little girl in the middle left, the flag and railing and the endless sea. The eye of the viewer keeps going from one point to another, a sense of depth and distance nicely comprehended. Everything about this photograph is happy, joyful, bright and colourful, simple a wonderfully uplifting photograph.

Thank you Laurent Roch!

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