Submit your photo to our Street Photography Contest and win a black...

Submit your photo to our Street Photography Contest and win a black CAMSLINGER 160!

CAMSLINGER 160 Street Edition Submissions Closed


A while back we reviewed the Cosyspeed CAMSLINGER bag which we liked! We thought it was a high quality product, useful for Street Photographers. During our review we made some suggestions that we asked Cosyspeed to take into consideration. One of those suggestions was an all black CAMSLINGER for Street Photographers! This product is now a reality! Cosyspeed revealed it at Photokina this year and it has been received well. I am certainly psyched about it!

To celebrate the new CAMSLINGER, Cosyspeed asked us to hold a special Street Photography contest for you the Street Hunters Readers. The winner of the contest will win a brand new CAMSLINGER 160 Street edition! How cool is that!?

Cosyspeed suggested that the idea for the contest should be ours, so Andrew and myself thought about it and came up with one that we think will be loads of fun! We shared our idea with Cosyspeed and they loved it! So here it is!

CAMSLINGER 160 Street Edition
Cosyspeed CAMSLINGER 160 Street edition!

The contest

What we would like you all to do is to take a hard look at this famous photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson known as the “Decisive Moment” and try and replicate it as best as possible! We understand that you can’t possibly make a carbon copy, but the photo that looks closer to the original will win the Cosyspeed CAMSLINGER 160 Street edition!

ATTENTION: Even though we are organising the contest, the winner will be chosen by Cosyspeed not StreetHunters and the gift will be sent by Cosyspeed also. We will communicate the winning photo, announcing the winner on our website once the contest is over.

FRANCE. Paris. Place de l'Europe. Gare Saint Lazare. 1932.

The rules

The rules are simple.

  1. Each participant can send in ONE photograph.
  2. The photograph has to be in JPG format and it must be captured by the participant, not someone else.
  3. You must send in your photo to
  4. We will accept submissions all the way up to the 30th of November 2014.

– Submissions closed –

[ Send to ]

So that’s it. A few simple rules without lot’s to worry about.

We wish you all good luck, may the best photo win!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

Update (1st of December 2014)

Dear Readers the submissions for the contest are now closed! All photos sent over to us will are being forwarded to Cosyspeed that will proceed with the selection of the winner! We will keep you updated!

Thank you!


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