Street Photo of the week by Yiannis Yiasaris

Street Photo of the week by Yiannis Yiasaris

Thessaloniki Greece 2014 by Yiannis Yiasaris promo

Street Photo of the week by Yiannis Yiasaris

Yiannis Yiasaris is a Street Photographer that is based in Melbourne, Australia and is originally from beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece. Yiannis joined the SHRC this month, however he has been a very active member and each and every photograph he has shared is at least stunning. The magic sauce behind Yianni’s great shots are the perfect understanding of ultra wide angle lenses in Street Photography. If you have tried shooting street with ultra wide glass, you have surely noticed how hard it is to get a decent composition. The reason is that it feels as if the camera is sucking everything in, even unwanted elements. So, to get a good photo with ultra wide, you have to have had loads of practice and you have to be a very good composer with strong design principles. This is what Yiannis is and for this reason we have chosen one of his stunning images to share with you all today.

You can see more of Yiannis Yiasaris’s photographic work on his GooglePlus account at

Thessaloniki Greece 2014

Thessaloniki Greece 2014 by Yiannis Yiasaris

Yiannis likes shooting really close. If you visit his profile you will notice that 9 out of 10 photos are ultra wide close up smashing photos. I decided to go with something else though. Something more romantic, more artistic. A photo that touches the borderline between Street Photography and Fine Art Photography. This photo was published in the Private Readers Community on GooglePlus on October 1st 2014. I think it was the first of many great shots that Yiannis shared with the Community. I remember my initial reaction was that I really was impressed with the composition and the perfect use of the ultra wide angle glass. Yiannis has managed to create a dramatic effect, using this piece of umbrella art to his advantage. The placement of the subject is perfect, it couldn’t have been better. It falls on the left thirds vertical and is clearly visible among the hanging umbrellas. The sun light and the infinite view of the sea gives the image an impression of endlessness.

Thank you Yiannis Yiasaris!

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