Okaton Surprise Model

Okaton Surprise Model

Okaton Surprise Promo

This shot was taken with the SONY NEX and the native SEL35mm f1.8

Sometimes you just get lucky…

Baltimore is my favourite place to shoot, and I try to get there as much as possible. I go on hunts there about a dozen times a year. It’s so much bigger and more vibrant than the cities near me. And, it’s packed with characters!

In early August, I took a quick trip to the Inner Harbour while the Okaton convention was going down at the convention centre. Okaton is a three day convention celebrating all things anime. Specifically, it celebrates East Asian popular culture and it’s fandom. Talk about a feast for the eyes. Over 100,000 attendees over the weekend. And, from what I saw, most were dressed in character.

I took a handful of shots, but this beautiful girl with white hair and white “costume” caught my eye.

Okaton Surprise Model

As I framed her up squarely in front of the waterfall/fountain structure, some passer-by blocked the shot. When they passed, she was turned away. I waited a few seconds and moved closer. Payday! I snapped her as she turned back around while pulling her hood up. Her lovely face, with a mildly intrigued expression and slight smile made me feel like a fashion photographer when I went back and looked at the shot later. Best shot I took all day and probably the best all summer.


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