Street Photo of the week by Chuck Patch

Street Photo of the week by Chuck Patch

Mardi Gras New Orleans promo

Street Photo of the week by Chuck Patch

Before I stumbled upon Chuck Patch’s work I hadn’t heard of him. Looking through his flickr photostream I wondered to myself why I don’t know of this guy? His work is great! So I looked further and found myself enjoying the experience. As I scanned through the amazing colour photographs of Chuck Patch I reached a point where I got an odd black and white photo here and there. Upon first glance it didn’t strike me as something I should focus on, but when I looked again I noticed that those black and whites were old. They looked like 1970s old! So that is when I popped over to his Flickr profile page to read a little more about him. It turns out Chuck has been shooting for years and years! He is a very experienced photographer and he has a huge collection of interesting black and whites from the 1970s that he shares on a dedicated tumblr account. Back to his Flickr stream. While I was there, I noticed a photograph I knew from somewhere. Not the one we are featuring today, but another crazy one of some eagle eyes car seat covers. I couldn’t quite remember where I had seen it so I checked my sources of inspiration and there it was! It turns out Chuck is a member of the Street Photographers collective! So, I did know of Chuck’s work, I just didn’t remember his name. Sorry Chuck, it wont happen again! Seeing his photos there I started scanning them and noticed that there were some here that I hadn’t seen on Flickr. Maybe they were hidden deep in his Flickr stream, but what matters is that here they were. New photos from Chuck Patch. Yummy! Oh, yeah, I had become a fan already. That is when I found the photo we are featuring today. I just loved it! More on the photo, below.

You can see more of Chuck Patch’s photographic work on his flickr at on his tumblrs and and of course on his dedicated page on the Street Photographers website at

Mardi Gras New Orleans, 2009

Mardi Gras New Orleans

The first thing that attracted me to this photograph was the lovely dark crimson colour of the wall. I remember looking at the thumbnails of a bunch of photos and my eyes just zoomed in to this image in a split second. So I clicked on it and looked. A beautiful, surreal photograph of an old and tired fairy, that is obviously exhausted from a days work of flying around doing fairy stuff and magic, was sitting on a bench, texting home to ask her fairy man to come and get her because she couldn’t make another flight.

The colours of the photograph just work! The dull olive green windows looks so beautiful against the dark crimson wall. The colour of the fairy’s bright dress, makes her pop out of the photograph! Her expression shows how tired she is, her body language too. Even though she pops out of the photo, she is not a dynamic presence, but still the most interesting thing in the picture. The colours of the flowers on the right, act as a lovely addition to the overall colour palette of the image.

Thank you Chuck Patch!

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