Street Photo of the week by Luigi Caruso

Street Photo of the week by Luigi Caruso

A Saturday Night by Luigi Caruso promo

Street Photo of the week by Luigi Caruso

Luigi Caruso is a Street Photographer that is based in London, UK. He is originally from Italy and when he is not shooting on the Streets he works as a Marketing Executive. Luigi has been a member of the SHRC ( Readers Community) since the very begining and has been a constant contributor by sharing his images and commenting on other members posts. He likes participating in various fun things we do from time to time and has already met a few of the other SHRC members for Street Hunts. He shoots both Film and Digital and his favourite time to hit the Streets according to him is just before it get’s dark. If you like, you can check out the content’s of Luigi’s camera bag on the relative post. You can see more of Luigi Caruso’s photographic work on his GooglePlus account at

A Saturday Night

A Saturday Night by Luigi Caruso This photo was published in the Readers Community on GooglePlus a couple of weeks ago. I remember when I saw this image I instantly felt intrigued and captivated by the scene. I like everything about this capture. It shows the urban decay of a big city through many elements. The man relieving himself in the left hand side of the photo, the torn poster with the woman’s eyes and mouth taped over as if not being allowed to witness what is happening, the tagging on the wall and the water pipe that by the looks of it has emptied its contents on the ground. Of course this scene wouldn’t look and feel as dramatic if not for the perfect light shining down from above. Luigi has captured this moment perfectly. Thank you Luigi Caruso!

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