Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting in the UK! – Indiegogo project!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting in the UK! – Indiegogo project!

Indiegogo UK StreetHunts


Dear Readers,

Since the first Street Hunt video was first launched 9 months ago we have reached 1100+ YouTube Subscribers and more than 32000 views. Even though the Street Hunt videos have been liked by many and we consider them an important source of Street Photography practical information, we want to make them better! So we asked some of you for ideas and we got requests to make Street Hunt videos in other cities! Great idea right?!

So we thought that we would reach out to you via Indiegogo and ask for your help to organise the first UK Street Hunt videos! For our first UK videos, we would like to visit London and Brighton. Both cities are busy, very, very interesting and full of Photographic opportunities, especially for Street Photographers.

By shooting Street Hunt videos in other parts of the world, we hope to make the viewing more interesting, we hope to increase the chances of meeting other international Street Photographers and we also hope to get to share with our viewers new locations and different cultures!


How will your contributions help?

Your valuable contributions will give me the financial freedom to travel to the next Street Hunt videos destinations and to make these UK Street Hunts possible for the brand. They will help me explore new grounds and new cultures as mentioned before and make new photos that I will share through the Street Hunts and through posts. If you are from these parts of the UK and you want to meet with me and discuss Street Photography in details, that would be perfect!

Street Hunts in London Brighton Indiegogo project

What We Need & What You Get

What expenses will your valuable funding cover?

It would have been great for both Andrew and myself to go on this adventure but we thought we would start small and if this works out, we will get some more Street Hunts produced with both of us included. But for now, it is just me. So, below I would like to explain how much funding we need and where it’s going:

  1. A maximum of €500 to fly to London and back, depending on when this project will take place in 2014.
  2. I then will take the Underground from the Airport to my hotel. That costs a 5.7 UK Sterling and another 5.7 to get back to the Airport when the project is over. That would be a total of  11.4 UK Sterling or €14.3 for getting to and from the Airport.
  3. I plan to stay in London for 3 days / 2 nights, in a hotel that costs a maximum of €300 a night. A total maximum of €600 for London lodging.
  4. I plan to commute every day within London using the Underground by getting a daily London Underground ticket. I searched the web and saw that the cost is 5.70 UK Sterling which should be around €7.10 / day for 3 days. A total of €21.30 for London Underground.
  5. I then will take the train from London to Brighton. That costs a 17.3 UK Sterling and another 17.3 to get back to London when the project is over.  That would bea total of  34.6 UK Sterling or €43 for train fares.
  6. I plan to stay in Brighton for 3 days / 2 nights, in a hotel that costs a maximum of €200 a night. A total maximum of €400 for Brighton lodging.
  7. I will make a total of 4 Street Hunt videos in the UK. 2 Street Hunt videos with my Digital camera Sony NEX-6 and 2 Street Hunt videos with one of my Yashica Rangefinder cameras using Kodak Portra 400 film. Each roll of Kodak Portra 400 costs €9.75. A total of €19.5. Developing and scanning these two films cost €7 each. A total of €14. So I will need a total of €33.5 for film purchase, development and scanning.
  8. I estimate that I will need a maximum of €100/day expenses for food, beverages and other random things that might occur. I might need less, but I say a maximum of €100 to be 100% sure I will not run out of money. For 6 days that amounts to a maximum of €600 for 6 days of daily expenses.
  9. All perks from the €50 perk and upward will receive an A4, high quality, signed print with the best photo shot on the photo walk. It is estimated that a total of 168 prints need to be printed at a lab and posted all over the world to destinations currently unknown to me. I have estimated an average cost for both printing and posting of €10/print. For 168 prints that amounts to a maximum of €1680 worth of professional lab printing and posting.
  10. Last but not least, I will be away from work for 5 working days. I am a freelancer so that means that when I don’t work, I don’t earn money. As a family man, I need to responsibly replace my work income for 5 working days with your help. So, I require at least €500 for the 5 working days I will be away from work.
  11. Please keep in mind that Indiegogo will charge us 8% from the raised funds once the goal is completed. 4% is Indiegogo’s fee and 4% is for Paypal transactions.


What will you get for your valuable contributions?

Each contributor will receive something in return for their valuable contribution. Below is the list of perks offered:

  • €1 – Thank you!
  • €5 – Electronic updates!
  • €25 – A handwritten postcard from the UK, plus updates
  • €50 – 11×8 or A4 print
  • €100 – 11×8 or A4 print and mention in all four video End Credits
  • €500 – Associate Producer
  • €500 – Street Hunter (Participation in the Street Hunt)
  • €1000 – Sponsor

 How to contribute?

It is easy! Just visit our Indiegogo Project page and take a look at what we have to say! If you feel that you like what we have to say, then please help us by making a donation so we can make more Street Hunts, this time in the UK! Just click on the link bellow and participate! Every contribution will be greatly appreciated!


This is the first time that we will be taking this step and moving outside of our realm to make Street Photography. Personally I have visited the UK before, but I haven’t visited the UK as a Street Photographer, so I am not very sure what to expect. Judging from what my fellow Street Hunters have mentioned in our Social Media pages, things are ok with Street Photographers there. No matter what I face there though, I will follow my golden rules with a smile on my face and continue filming and photographing. It is important that interesting and helpful footage is captured and shared through the Street Hunt videos.

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


  1. Sorry, but asking for €4500 to cover your trip is simply not realistic, it’s just way too much money.
    There has to be cheaper alternatives to London and Brighton, that still have large enough population to make it worthwhile. I live in a city with a similar population to that of Athens and it can be very limiting, photographers in big cities don’t know how lucky they are.

    Oh, and please make more videos. I have really liked them so far.

    • Hello there XR and thank you very much for taking the time to read through our campaign and watch the video.

      Yes, we realize that €4500 is quite a sum of money for a one week trip to a foreign country, but you have to keep in mind that 1/3 of that money is for the perks alone. You see we are offering professional prints from a lab and all those prints have to be sent out via post. If we don’t estimate those expenses, if and when the time comes to deliver the perks, we will not have the funds to do so. I totally understand your point of view, I hope you understand ours.

      As for the videos, I will try and make more, but I feel that recording in Rethymno and Athens all the time is making me run out of ideas. I am hoping to make a video or two in Heraklion (the capital of Crete and 3rd largerst city of Greece, 76km away) or Chania (60km away) in the near future, but nothing is certain. Thank you for your interest though. I will try and do my best to produce one as soon as possible.

    • It is actually not population that is the main issue, it is population density. One can pick a smaller city in terms of area and population and still have many opportunities to shoot.

      I do think that this trip was not presented or planned in the best way possible. There are a few issues that did not sit well with me, but I do wish Spyros luck.

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