The Readers Community is going public

The Readers Community is going public

The SHRC is open to the public!

A while ago, we started a GooglePlus Community called the Readers Community or as we like to call it the SHRC. The goal of this community was for it to be an exclusive, private virtual ground for Readers to share their work, have it critiqued, to participate in games, to discuss many interesting topics and more. What we didn’t want, was for the SHRC to become one more photo dumping Community.

To ensure the quality of the SHRC, we made some simple rules. To make things even simpler, we made those rules into pictures, so all our Readers could easily go through them without having to waste to much time. In addition and most importantly, we selected a team of highly efficient and dedicated Moderators to make sure that those rules were met and to keep the Community quality high. The Moderators, Anton Fortein, Klaus Scherer, Stephen Foster and Edward Conde are always on top of things and we thank them for their work. Cheers guys!

Since the beginning of the Community, it has been hidden and private. The reason was to ensure that it didn’t expand too fast and create opportunities for photo dumpers to start dumping their photos. We wanted to avoid promotional links, spam and all sorts of things that come with a public Communities. Of course, back then we were only 3 moderating the SHRC. Now that we are 7 Community Moderators we believe that it is time to take the next step and open our doors to anyone that wishes to become a member.

So, from this day forth, anyone of you that wishes to join our highly active and friendly Readers Community, can do so by visiting the SHRC and applying!

We would love to have you join!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



    • Hello Florian,

      You can apply to join. There should be a JOIN button when you visit the Community page. If you click it, then your request will be processed and most possibly accepted, if you have some Street work in your portfolio.

      Thank you

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