Street Photography 101 – Online, tailor-made Street Photography workshop

Street Photography 101 – Online, tailor-made Street Photography workshop

Street Photography 101 online workshop

Street Photography 101 – Online, tailor-made Street Photography workshop

Street Photography is an art that can be taught both online and offline. Here at we offer Street Photography 101 as an online 1 to 1 course (One tutor one student) and we are planning to offer an offline workshop in groups of 10-12 students, in the future. Both types of workshops have their benefits all you have to do is see which type works best for you.

Here I will explain why an online workshop is as good as an offline group workshop, if not better.

Street Photography 101 online workshop

What are the benefits of having a One to One Online, Street Photography workshop?

Most of the points I will point out below are obvious, but I feel that I have to mention them nevertheless because some of these points might be overlooked accidentally.

  1. I will have my focus on you and you only.
    All my attention will be focused on you and nobody else. I will devote my time 100% to helping you learn everything you need to become a better Street Photographer.
  2. You will have the chance to work at your own pace.
    No more rushing to keep notes. No more jumping ahead of items because the rest of the class knows something and you are too embarrassed to say you don’t. You set the pace of the workshop.
  3. The course will be designed by me, around you, based on your needs and your desires.
    Of course we will follow the course outline as mentioned below, but we can modify it according to your needs. The way, you will follow a course that is designed specifically for you, based on your experiences and your goals.
  4. You get to pick my brain without interruptions.
    If you have questions, you can just ask away!
  5. You can ask me any question without feeling embarrassed that someone else might think less of you.
    I remember that this happened to me sometimes when at school as a young boy. I am sure it has happened to everyone. I wanted to ask something but I felt that everyone else would think I asked a question with an obvious answer, so I wouldn’t. I would then ask the teacher in private. The online workshop is private all the time, so you can ask anything you like, without the fear of feeling embarrassed.
  6. You can learn from the comfort of your own home, during a time that is ok for both you and me.
    This is self explanatory. Just lay back, wear your most comfortable clothes, and enjoy learning from your home at your own pace!
  7. You can really get into the theory of Photography and the history of Photography and learn from the lessons taught to us by the Masters of Photography.
    During workshops I will talk about the Masters of Photography and what they teach us. Since the workshop is online we can share screens and exchange views on the Masters work and really get into what they are trying to convey to us as viewers through their work.
  8. You will receive detailed criticism on your work by me.
    I will examine your photos during my own time, without wasting valuable time from your tutoring. So you will receive a more thorough feedback that will be of high value to you. Feedback that will help you grow as a Street Photographer.
  9. You will learn how to shoot on your own in the street without company.
    That is how Street Photography is done anyway. It is not for teams of people. You must overcome your fears on your own and reach new levels of skill, through hard practice.
  10. You don’t have to travel to meet me. So you don’t have to pay for travel costs.
    Save money on air tickets or hotel rooms. Save money on daily expenses for food and other needs.
  11. You will have the options to re-arrange lessons (on reasonable notice of course).
    So, if for example we have a lesson scheduled for a Monday evening, we can re-schedule it for a Thursday or whatever works best for both of us.

Street Photography 101 online workshop

The 10 hour course includes

  1. Your existing portfolio review
  2. Discussion of what you are interested on focusing more during the course
  3. What is Street Photography?
  4. A brief history of Street Photography / Photography
  5. Knowing the Masters of Street Photography / Photography. What made each one of them special? What do they teach us?
    1. Henri Cartier Bresson
    2. Andrez Kertez
    3. Joseph Kudelka
    4. Vivian Maier
    5. Garry Winogrand
    6. … more
  6. Light and Composition
    1. Types of light
    2. Types of composition
    3. Examples from the Masters
      1. Henri Cartier Bresson
      2. Andrez Kertez
      3. Joseph Kudelka
      4. Vivian Maier
      5. Garry Winogrand
      6. … more
  7. Types of Street Photography
    1. Unobtrusive or standard
    2. Intrusive of Gutsy
    3. Raw / Photojournalistic
    4. Fine Art
    5. Geometric
    6. Smart of Intelligent
    7. Surreal
    8. Portraiture
  8. What does a Street Photographer need to know?
    1. Knowledge of the basics of photography
    2. Knowledge of basic camera usage
    3. Knowledge of Privacy laws & regulations of the country he/she is planning to shoot
  9. The Dont’s of Street Photography
  10. The Do’s of Street Photography
  11. The Fears of Street Photography and how to overcome them
  12. Talking with people in the Street
  13. How to get out of awkward situations
  14. How to prepare for a photo walk?
  15. Deciding to start a project
  16. Being proactive and seeing photos before they happen
  17. How to blend in with your surroundings and be invisible
  18. The effects of various lenses in Street Photography
    1. The Pros and Cons of Wide Angle lenses in Street Photography
    2. The Pros and Cons of Normal Angle lenses in Street Photography
  19. Shooting from the hip
  20. How to Shoot Street Photography at Night
  21. Street Photography in different weather conditions
    1. Street Photography in hot weather
    2. Street Photography in cold weather
    3. Street Photography in the rain
  22. Post processing in colour and B&W
  23. A little bit about film street photography
  24. Photos analysis
  25. How to choose your best photos

Street Photography 101 online workshop

How will this workshop change you?

Once the workshop is over you will have a fundamental understanding of:

  • The history and important personas of Street Photography,
  • How to compose your photos,
  • What settings to use in what situation,
  • How to approach strangers in the street,
  • How to overcome any fears that you might face while doing Street Photography,
  • How to prepare yourself for a Street Hunt,
  • How to shoot at night,
  • What to expect from your gear,
  • How to choose your best photos
  • How to process your photos,

and more!

You will feel more self confident, you will feel free to experiment more with photography, you will be more in connection with your camera and feel confidence in your abilities as a Street Photographer. You will become proactive and learn how to react instantaneously to any situation. You will be a changed person. A Street Hunter.

Cost of workshop

The cost of the workshop is €300. The workshop includes 10 1 to 1.5 hour sessions, depending on your learning pace. If you need that extra 30 minutes, that’s fine. It is FREE of charge. The “Street Photography 101 – Online tailor made Street Photography workshop”starts with the first Video call and ends officially after 10 complete sessions.

Please click on the Paypal payment button below to make your deposit for the workshop.

Tuition fee is €300.

Cancellations (PLEASE READ)

You are free to cancel at any time before the initial Video call. If however you have completed at least 1 to 5 sessions of the workshop and you wish to cancel, I will refund you 50% of your course. If you have completed more than 5 sessions, there are no refunds.

On the other hand, Street Hunters has the right to cancel a workshop if I feel that the course isn’t going anywhere and there is no progress. I will refund you 100%.

By submitting your deposit you agree to these terms and conditions.

Street Photography 101 online workshop


What will I learn at the “Street Photography 101 – Online tailor made Street Photography” workshop?

You will learn everything mentioned in the section “How will this workshop change you” mentioned above.

What do I have to know, before I attend the workshop?

The only thing you have to know is how to turn your camera on and off and how to transfer your images from your camera to your laptop.

What are the minimum requirements for taking the workshop?

All you need is a camera, either digital or film, a laptop or tablet for editing and organising your photos and a notepad for taking notes. You will also need a Skype or Google Hangout account, a web camera, a microphone, a decent internet connection and a dropbox or Google Drive account. Please check the following list of times for your convenience:

  • One camera digital or film
  • One laptop or tablet for editing and planning photos
  • Notepad for notetaking
  • Skype or Google Hangout account
  • A webcam
  • A microphone
  • A dropbox or Google Drive account

I have another question. How can I contact you?

You can contact Street Hunters at with any questions in regards to the workshop. Either myself or Andrew will get back to you with a reply within 24 hours.

About Spyros Papaspyropoulos (Tutor)

Portrait of Spyros Papaspyropoulos Street Photographer and Street Hunter

Spyros Papaspyropoulos is a passionate Street Photographer that loves to experiment with all sorts of gear and formats. He is equally passionate about digital and film photography and has a vast knowledge of both mediums. He has been photographing since a boy as a hobby. He has had a camera around his neck all of his life, documenting it on a daily basis most of the time. During that last 4 years, he has only been shooting Street. He has been pushing his boundaries trying to reach new levels of expertise in Street Photography by experimentation and constant trial and error. This hands on experience has given him the ability to easily work through issues that most new Street Photographers face. Most of his body of work is from Crete, where he lives and from Athens, the capital of Greece which he visits on occasion to Photograph. He has had his work published in local newspapers of Crete, in the Camerapixo magazine and numerous blogs. Spyros’s interviews:

In mid 2013, Spyros and Andrew Sweigart co-founded A website that is now a definitive resource for Street Photographers all over the world. Spyros has contributed with more than 200 blog posts about Street Photography related subjects. You can read all of Spyros Papaspyropoulos Blog posts if you visit his Author page or you can see him sharing his knowledge through a series of videos he produces for called Street Hunts. If you wish to see his work, feel free to visit his Flickr Albums.


“The best teachers are those who teach with passion. The passion Spyros feels and spreads for photography and street photography is authentic, palpable and ever-present. You feel it. The workshop with him has been a pleasure. Every lecture (actually an hour of pleasant talk and exchange of views) was very practical, as you can read in the curriculum. The most practical moment, however, is the project to be presented at the end of the workshop. You have to take the camera in your hands and make something. To submit my work to the judgment of others is often a frightful experience to me, but it became interesting and useful under the guide of Spyros. He definitely gave me something, and this something will change my experience of photography. Grazie, Spyros!” – Gilberto Lacchia


Please click on the Paypal payment button below to make your deposit for the workshop or contact us to arrange a direct deposit.

Tuition fee is €300.

See you Online


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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