Street Photo of the week by Justin Sainsbury

Street Photo of the week by Justin Sainsbury

Untitled - Justin Sainsbury

Street Photo of the week by Justin Sainsbury

Justin Sainsbury is a Street Photographer from Brighton, UK. He is interested in photographing split seconds of the English and their culture in a way that a story can be born. By taking a closer look at his work I think that he wants to make photos that, from what I understand, radiate the “Englishness” of his subjects through those split second stories. For more about what “Englishness” is, you should check out Martin Parr’s “Think of England” on YouTube.

Justin explains what he is interested in finding when shooting street in his own words on his website, where he says:

” I’m mainly interested in the English disposition and how this is played out in leisure time. Without the before and after, a picture (frozen in time) has the potential to change what really happened. To me, this triggers an emotional response that is all the stronger if it proves whimsical, irreverent or plain absurd ”

Justin uses colour, shadows, fast shutter speeds and clever compositions to make photos that have their own latent fictional stories, stories that derive from everyday situations.

Justin Sainsbury’s work has been published in magazines, featured on websites, and exhibited in festivals and galleries. He has been interviewed about his work and is well known amongst fellow Street Photographers.

Justin is part of the “BURN MY EYE” international Street Photography collective. The collective offers an interesting twist to viewers. Besides showcasing the work of all photographer members and blog posting, they have an interesting section called “Eye Burn”. Eye Burn is an ongoing series where Burn My Eye members take turns investigating the thoughts and stories behind each other’s photography. You can read more about “BURN MY EYE” and the rest of the members of this awesome collective at

You can see more of Justin Sainsbury’s photographic work on his flickr account at, on the “BURN MY EYE” website on the section about him at or on his website at


Untitled - Justin Sainsbury

With colour that pops, a killer composition and a surreal feeling, this photograph by Justin Sainsbury captivates the viewer from the very beginning! “Oh my god, where is that boys head?!” was my immediate reaction and then I noticed the way he was wearing his jumper. Photographs that make me look closer to the screen are usually ones that excite me and this one surely does. The headless boy is about to cross the street and on the other side an awesome graffiti decorates a dark grey wall. The graffiti, the angle of the shot and the yellow street lines in combination with the vivid colours of the boy’s clothes and the surreal feel, the great use of shadows and light are all ingredients for a winning shot!

Thank you Justin Sainsbury!

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