Street Photo of the week by Chris Farling

Street Photo of the week by Chris Farling

khakistan by Chris Farling

Street Photo of the week by Chris Farling

Chris Farling is from Chicago and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NYC, USA. He is a charismatic Street Photographer that enjoys observing, discovering and capturing life in the streets. According to Chris, Street Photography is an improvisational art, much like Jazz. That is what makes it different to the other genres of photography. You can’t know what will show up in front of you, you have to learn to anticipate everything and anything. Here at Street Hunters we agree 100% with that point of view. Street Photography is as Chris says in his own words “an honest way of actively living in the world.”

Chris is part of the “OBSERVE” international photography collective. The collective is focused mostly on the practice of candid Street Photography. You can read more about “OBSERVE” and the rest of the members of this amazing collective at

You can see more of Chris Farling’s photographic work on his flickr account at, or on the “OBSERVE” website on the section about him at Chris has also released a couple of Blurb books you can check those both out at and


khakistan by Chris Farling
“khakistan” by Chris Farling. This image has been used with the consent of the original artist.

It is obvious, just by observing this scene, how awesome a moment Chris Farling has captured. I will not get into the beautiful colour combinations overall just right now, but I will firstly talk about the obvious similarities of the clothes these four guys are wearing . All of them are in Khaki jackets and all of them are sitting waiting at the same corner. The thing that makes me love this scene even more though is the way that in a quick glance one might think the 2 front guys are twins. Of course they are not, but it got me thinking for a second. The photo plays with the mind and that is what makes an image truly interesting. Observing even closer and getting into the details, we see that all the guys are also wearing something dark blue, be it a pair of trousers, a cap or a hoodie. The wall behind them is green, so is the trash can one guy is leaning on and the markings on the van in the left. 3 of the guys are on their phones, texting or talking and the guy looking at the camera has a glowing yellow afro sprayed on the wall behind him. Yup, this is definitely a smart, funny and entertaining photograph.

Thank you Chris Farling!

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