Casper’s last post

Casper’s last post

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Casper Macindoe

Fellow Street Hunters

It has been my enormous pleasure and privilege to be part and parcel of Street Hunters. Not only has my own practice developed and grown beyond my wildest imaginings but I have had the chance to work with two guys who tirelessly give their all to bring you inspiration, information and ……….. Alas though, it’s time for me to retire from the fray and move my focus from photography to animation.

Channels of communication will of course remain open and should you wish to remain in contact then please by all means drop me a line on . I hopefully won’t disappear into the ether like a Gandalf of the internet 🙂

Most especially in our G+, I have found the camaraderie between image makers a real surprise, and an honour to be part of and I’m sure the erudite critique, happy backslapping and overwhelming conviviality will very much be missed.

To Spyros and Andrew simply ‘thank you’ ; your support, advice and friendship mean a great deal and it is without a doubt that with you guys at the helm will steer the choppy waters of street photography and create THE street photography portal on the internet.

You know I’m going to say it, it rings inside my head as I shoot, or wait for the scene to happen, or whilst daring to persist with this impossible task of photography

Stay sharp, keep shooting!

Adieu Mon Ami!



Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



  1. All the very best of luck in your new direction mate. Thank you for all you have given to the community, all your support and all you enthusiasm. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!

  2. What a pity, really, I loved your comments on the Crits section (very instructive), your managing of the Hangouts, and last but not least your unequivocal, awesome, powerful pictures in, what I called, your very own Shrewbury style. If you go to Barcelona, let me know it and lets have some beers together!!! Good luck!!!!!

  3. Good luck with the animation and life in general. Look forward to seeing the results of the animation, if they are as distinctive as your photography they should be well worth a look.

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