FREE Street Photography eBook – “Light of the South” by Stefan Wuelser

FREE Street Photography eBook – “Light of the South” by Stefan Wuelser

Marseille - Stairs Rue Du Lacydon by Stefan Wuelser


Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you all, a Free ebook that has been offered to you the Readers by Street Photographer Stefan Wuelser. Stefan Wuelser is a Street Photographer that uses the amazing compact camera Ricoh GR, that another one of our Readers, Buru Llwyd reviewed a while back. We are extremely fond of that camera here at, even though we have never had the chance to own or review one thoroughly.

But, let’s get to the juicy part, the ebook. We took a look at it and found the photographs interesting and we all agreed that you would appreciate this fine gesture. We thought that since Stefan wishes to share his work with you then why not! So, we asked him to write a few words about “Lights of the South” for us. There is none other better qualified than the author himself to describe his own book, right? So here it is:

Light of the South Cover by Marseille - Stairs Rue Du Lacydon by Stefan Wuelser

About “Lights of the South”

I had travelled to the south of France a couple of times already. Something about this part of Europe seems very special to me. Before I started my road trip I was thinking about what it is that makes me feel good in this area. It’s something about the raw and authentic aesthetics of literally everything. I love the landscape, the cities and the people… I love the climate and that particular light. I started in Zurich and I drove to Lyon, Aix en provence, Marseille and then I headed back north along the Cote d’azur. Since part of my fascination is about the people I didn’t take a big camera with me. Sure I had to capture some landscape and architecture but I wanted to be able to be part of the streetlife and capture some everyday life moments of the cities. So I only took my Ricoh GR to the trip and this lovely little black gem did an astonishing job. The super sharp 28mm prime lens made me go one step closer to the scenes and that is what I like about the result of my reportage-like series. I was never tempted to stay back at a safe distance. I noticed I was getting closer to people and finding myself entering into interesting spatial situations. While editing the pictures I tried to not add anything effect-like.. I prefer only basic post processing for street photography. The GR offers an incredible dynamic range and the least annoying noise I have ever seen in a digital camera. Even at higher ISO the noise is softer than the image details and it renders in an almost grain like quality. I used no noise reduction and only basic sharpening in lightroom. When I think about the south people, I automatically get those brown yellow pictures in mind. But that’s only scratching the surface of what makes the light of the south so beautiful. I decided to go for a strict black and white book to not fall into those cliches – and I am quite happy with the result.

Stefan Wuelser

gear used: Ricoh GR, GW-3 wide angle conv., GV-1 viewfinder, DSPTCH wrist strap
post: Adobe Lightroom 5

Download link

Click on the ebook name “Lights of the South” (update April 2019: book no longer available for download) to download the free PDF ebook by Stefan Wuelser.

Thank you Stephan

Stefan Wuelser thank you for sharing your work with the Readers as a free ebook. We appreciate your gesture.

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


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