Summer break! Back in 10 days!

Summer break! Back in 10 days!

Street Huntes are now on a Summer Break


Dear Street Hunters,

As you might have guessed, from our latest post “10+1 Fun and Exciting Summer Street Photography Projects!“ we have all be struck by the summer groove, the summer bug or whatever you would like to call this feeling. Summer is upon us and the sea is inviting, the sun is hot, people are in the streets enjoying “outside time” and everything is in the summer, happy, “let’s have a cold beer” mood!

What’s the plan?

So, I am posting this short announcement today to inform you all that we will be taking a summer break and going into “Radio Silence” mode for a few days. We will not be gone for long, just 10 days. On the 18th of August we will start posting again, starting from our daily “Pic of the Day” and our weekly posts, as you all know them. We have discussed some changes to the routine, nothing crazy, just to get things more in sync with our other activities (work, family, etc). So, from the new season we will be posting on our website, as follows:

  • Mondays: What’s in your Camera Bag Street Hunter.
  • Tuesdays: Under the Influence of XXX (where XXX goes the name of a Master Street Photographer).
  • Wednesdays: Feature blog post (That is the big post of the week).
  • Thursdays: Announcements (if there are any).
  • Fridays: Street Photo of the week.
  • Saturdays: Just our daily “Pic of the Day”.
  • Sundays: Every other Sunday we will try and have a great contemporary Street Photographer for an interview.

About the Monthly Theme Contest

The August Theme Contest will be open until the 18th of August this time, since the 15th we will be in the summer holiday dimension, probably sipping on an adult beverage on some beach bar under the sun or the stars, depending on the time of day/night. So, yeah, no announcements for the 15th. All Theme Contest Related announcements will move up to the 18th.

Keep the action going! Send in your stuff!

Don’t forget to send in your Camera Bags, your Hello I am a Street Hunter videos and your Theme Contest Photos during the summer break. We will be connected to the web, we will receive your awesome emails, we might just not reply as fast as we normally do. Don’t take it personally. You can find info on how to send in your Camera Bags at the end of any Camera Bag post. You can see them all in the Camera Bags section. To send in your “Hello I am a Street Hunter video” just visit the relevant post for more information. As for the Theme Contest, just head to the August contest page for more info.

Have a nice summer break!

We all wish you a great summer break! Do whatever you like, have fun, hey, you can even take on a summer project too if you like! Enjoy the sea, sun, beach if that is your thing and make sure you are back on the 18th for more mojo!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!



Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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