Inside Edward Conde’s Camera bag!

Inside Edward Conde’s Camera bag!

Edward Conde camera bag

About “What’s in your camera bag Street Hunter!”

In June 2014  we started sharing the contents of the Camera Bag of one of you, one of our awesome Readers every week! All images and text in these posts are written by the Readers presenting their camera bags. If you want to participate, please read the rules of participation at the end of the post.
Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!

Inside Edward Conde’s Camera bag! (Bag No7)

Hello Street Hunters,

Here is what I carry around on my street hunts! My Yashica Electro 35 GS, OMD EM5, Panasonic GX7, Olympus Pen E-P5 & my iPad Air… My bag is just the right size to carry these bodes along with a few other gadgets for a street hunt.
Here is a quick rundown of of my camera bag:

Edward Conde camera bag


  1. Yashica Electro 35 GS – Newest addition to the bag!
  2. OMD E-M5 – Body Cap Lenses (9mm & 15mm), Olympus 25mm f1.8 & 75mm f1.8 (not shown) with this body.
  3. Panasonic GX7 & Olympus 12mm f2 (24mm FOV Ultra wide, Street Ninja Mode (Silent Shutter))
  4. Olympus PEN E-P5 & Olympus 17mm f1.8 (35mm FOV, Ultimate Street Setup)
  5. iPad Air 128GB – This is where all my post processing & sharing happens!
  6. Misc Stuff – Film, Extra Batteries, Mobile Chargers w/ Wifi, Cables (Not Shown)


It may look like a lot, but the m43 bodies are small and lightweight. This kit gives me many choices to choose from when out on the street. When I want to slow down, I shoot with the Yashica!
I shoot FILM! I shoot m43! I am a Street Hunter! I Capture LIFE!
Keep Shooting, Keep Sharing, Keep Having Fun!


You can find out more about my work & workflow visit Links to my work & blog are listed.

Rules of participation

Each person that submits the contents of his bag will also be allowed 150 words to describe her / him self to the rest of the Readers via the website pages! We will even allow one link, back to your website! It will be loads of fun! Why? Well, because we will start to get to know each other through these small 150 word descriptions and of course through the contents of each one’s bags! Now, when we say Camera Bag, it doesn’t have to literally be a bag. It could be a pouch, a backpack, pockets of a jacket, whatever. All we need is the list of all the contents and a photo of those contents on a wooden or carpeted (preferably) floor from above.

What must be included in the email you send us?
Here is the list of things you need to provide us with in order to have a valid entry:

  • 150 word description of yourself and your Street Photography quirks, habits, tips, whatever. 150 words MAX.
  • Photo of the contents of your bag and your bag next to those contents on a floor, shot from 90 degrees above. High quality, big size.
  • List of items included in your camera bag.
  • Link to your website OR blog OR facebook page OR GooglePlus page OR whatever.
  • A closing remark 20 words MAX. You can say for example something like Thank for letting me share the contents of my bag, now stop looking into my privates and go take some photos!

We thank you in advance for your participation and we are really looking forward to finding out what YOU are hiding in your camera bags!

Send everything in at!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!


    • Thanks Derren… Yeah the EP5 is one of my favorite bodies.. I originally had 2 Ep3s cause I loved the body style.. So the Ep5 was a natural choice for me. I really dig the rangefinder look, as you can tell by my GX7 body… Thanks for posting my CameraBag, Street Hunters!

  1. I have been hoping to peek into Edwards kit bag in this series, He is so prolific and dedicated to all forms of social media, I did wonder how he finds all the time. carrying a tablet is a must.for this level of dedication. Lovely kit, more than I would want to carry on a day to day basis. Thanks for sharing Edward Conde.

    • Thanks Sam.. Yeah I am a little obsessive with my photo stuff! Yeah the kit was lighter before the Yashica.. I actually carry all my gear with me to work minus the Yashica sometimes.. but the 3 bodies & iPad come with me… I just gotten use to carrying the bag with them in there.. 😀

  2. Too much for me, I’d spend all my time trying to work out which camera I wanted to use and missing shots in the process.
    A question for Edward….what app do you use for post processing on the ipad ? I’ve been thinking of going down that route myself and was wondering how best to go about it.

    • Hey Tony! I have a system on how I select which camera to use.. Depending on the scene, but I usually start with the GX7 tight spaces/close quarters and need the silent shutter (subway stations, subway cars, Crowds…) Ep5 is for when i have some room to work with the 35mm. The EM5 I use my BCLs (9mm & 15mm & telephoto 75mm (150mm)… Once I figured this out, deciding is very easy…

      On the iPad, I use 4 main apps.. Camerabag2 (Stylizer), Snapseed (Pinpoint Edits/BW Conversion), iPhoto (Color corrections/Straighten tool) & Photogene (final edits, IPTC, Metadata & Export to Camera Roll or Social networks)…

      Link to my blogon my page, but feel free to hit me up anytime. I love sharing editing & processing on the ipad!

  3. Aye carumba. Thats a lot of delicious kit. Someone needs to invent a strap like a mexican bandit that has cameras all around it…spin the strap and select your camera 🙂

  4. I was going to say this is an impressive range of cameras, but surely you don’t carry them all around (and the iPad) at once? But you answered that you do, which I find quite surprising!

    Like Tony said, it’d be too much for me. I have about a dozen cameras, but I like to walk as light as possible and with only one camera at any one time. Not only for the physical aspect of being light and comfortable, but also so I can focus purely on that camera and its unique way of working.

    Always interesting to see how others work.

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