Street Photo of the week by Samuel George Wells

Street Photo of the week by Samuel George Wells

Laundry by Samuel George Wells

Street Photo of the week by Samuel George Wells

Samuel George Wells is a Street Photographer and an active member of our GooglePlus Readers Community. He is from the United Kingdom and he works for the Associated Press. According to himself, he is a Hack Photographer and wannabe sauce maker which I personally think is awesome! I am pretty sure that if his sauces are as good as his Street Photography, whoever is lucky enough to try them must really experience a gastronomical sensation! Sam’s work is delicious in other words! He isn’t afraid to shoot in colour or B&W, landscape or portrait, with a flash or without, to do selfies, to experiment in any way he can possibly think of! He is a very talented child of the 60’s blooming as a Photographer now, today! So, check out his work!

You can see more of Samuel George Wells’s photographic work on his flickr account at or on his GooglePlus profile at


Laundry by Samuel George Wells

When I first saw this photo in the Readers Community, I was just glued to my screen! The symmetry, the details, the dirty glass, the reflections, the 1:1 ratio, the man in the end of the room, the colours… those yummy, delicious, amazing colours! I just fell in love with it! Before settling to this photograph for this week’s “Street Photo of the week” I went through a bunch. I also conferred with my partners, so I could make up my mind easier. In the end this photo just kept on wanting to be published today! So, here it is!
Thank you Samuel George Wells!

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