Street Photo of the week by Ksenia Tsykunova

Street Photo of the week by Ksenia Tsykunova

Street Photo of the week by Ksenia Tsykunova

Ksenia Tsykunova’s work is amazing! Her images are one of a kind. She is from Moscow and she was born in 1986. She has won 2nd place in the Miami Street Photography festival. That is a big deal if you consider that Bruce Gilden is the judge along with Alex Webb and more amazing legends of Street. Before she got into Street Photography, Ksenia was studying social and economic geography of the USA and also doing some short film directing. Her passion for photography started in 2012 and since then she continues to grow and share with us amazing photography.

You can see more of Ksenia Tsykunova’s photographic work on her flickr account at


"Untitled" by Ksenia Tsykunova

This is the shot that Ksenia submitted to the Miami Street Photography Festival, the one that got her second place. The visual effect produced here is something I have never seen before. Two boys playing in the sand. The boy on the left is lying on his back. His arms, torso and head not showing and the boy on the right has been buried in the sand, up to his shoulders. Looking at them both at the same time, gives the impression of a boy sunk into a interdimensional wormhole. A portal. Amazing concept and great catch here!

Thank you Ksenia Tsykunova!

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  1. Hah! I made the exact same photo back in 1989 with a friend at Venice beach. I stole the idea myself, can’t remember where I first saw it.

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