Khalik Allah interview – Hangout glitches

Khalik Allah interview – Hangout glitches

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YouTube Interview Khalik Allah

Khalik Allah inteview

In the hangout last night a couple of technical glitches. So with that in mind I would like to apologise to our American cousins whom may have thought the Hangout started an hour later than it did in reality. The cause : British Summer Time which adds an hour and it appears this doesn’t get factored in when Google publishes the event time.

And as you will find at the end of the interview Khalik is cut off mid flow. The cause : My personal internet connection. As host all the bells and whistles emanated from my computer and as the World Cup final came to a close , either peeps turned on or off their computers and my internet dropped out closing the chat abruptly.

But I insist you watch on the YouTube channel
because I for one have never been so inspired to put down my camera and leave it to the people with passion, insight, and dedication as Khalik Allah. Enjoy.


  1. Thanks for that. I really believe street photo is dying but things like that makes me rethink about that statement. Thanks guys!

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