Street Photo of the week by Maciej Dakowicz

Street Photo of the week by Maciej Dakowicz

Featured Dwarka India 2012 by Maciej Dakowicz

Street Photo of the week by Maciej Dakowicz

This week we are featuring a photograph of a Street Photographer that is truly gifted. If you like Street Photography books and Photography books in general, you might already know of Maciej Dakowicz and his really great book Cardiff After Dark. If you don’t know of Maciej, he is from Poland and he is a creative individual with a background in Computer Science. Currently he is a traveller, a gallerist and most importantly a Photographer. He is a member of collectives In-Public and Up-Posed and also the photography agency The Wideangle. Maciej’s work is well known in the wider Street Photography community and has been exhibited many times all over the world. His work has been published in books, websites and papers and he is recognised as one of the world’s current leading Street Photographers. On a photographic level he is mostly interested in documentary, travel and street photography. If you feel like you would like to learn from Maciej Dakowicz, he also teaches Street Photography workshops.

You can see more of Maciej Dakowicz’s photographic work on his flickr account at or on his website at

Dwarka, India, 2012

Dwarka India 2012 by Maciej Dakowicz

Every week I go through the profiles of Street Photographers and look at their images fast. If an image captivates me it does so in the first split second I set my eyes upon it. This image of Maciej Dakowicz called “Dwarka, India, 2012” grabbed my attention in the smallest fracture of time. I knew when I first set eyes on it that this was the image I was going to choose for this week’s Street Photo of the Week. But I continued my search, looked at more of his photos and other but I found myself coming back to this one. So, here it is Readers. A photographic masterpiece in my opinion. Everything works in this shot. Rule of thirds on the column, colours are just amazing together, the position of the man jumping over the gap, the photo taken at the decisive moment, the line coming down over the man, shaping a triangle with the top of the wall and that red cloth that is just perfect in this image. I don’t want to go overboard in my analysis, sometimes I get carried away, but I really think this is exceptional work, well worth the feature!

Thank you Maciej Dakowicz!

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