Street Photo of the week by Mark Cohen

Street Photo of the week by Mark Cohen

Photo of the week Mark Cohen

Street Photo of the week by Mark Cohen

American born photographer who characteristically photographs people close-up, using a wide angled lens and a flash, mostly in black and white. Cohen frequently crops heads from the frame, concentrating on small details. His images are uncomfortable, intrusive and raw forcing the audience into an intimacy with the subject well beyond personal space and yet the harsh flash or composition neither warm nor sensual. By pulling on details rather than meandering through well told full image stories , Mark Cohen’s images virtually shout at the viewer ‘LOOK, LOOK AT IT’ whatever that ‘IT’ is, they are unequivocal in their demands.


‘Bubble’ is a superb example of demanding from the viewer. Even by avoiding the ‘certainly going to pop’ bubble of chewing gum with it’s slightly sinister imprinted face, the image still demands ‘LOOK!’ The disjointed hand isn’t owned by the girl it just hangs in space, lit by the flash poking from the top of her head like a peculiar sign from the cult of bubblegum. The whole image is innocent and sinister, the girl exhaling her last breath into the bubble for posterity before the hand wreaks havoc to the moment or kids from a different era who have shouted over at Cohen saying ‘ Hey Mister, look what I can do’ . Either way the stark mildly gruesome image straight from ‘Hansel and Gretel do Street Photography’ shakes at the core of image making bringing with it a freshness and a raw energetic beauty.

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