Street Photo of the week by Edward Conde

Street Photo of the week by Edward Conde

Featured Escalating Down by Edward Conde

Street Photo of the week by Edward Conde

Edward Conde is a Street Photographer that is based in Los Angeles, California that enjoys capturing life around him and images that interest him. He is a highly active member of our Private Readers Community on GooglePlus and a real awesome guy and for that we consider ourselves lucky to interact with him on a daily basis. Besides awesome, he is talented and makes amazing photos when he hits the streets. Edward has something that is unique to his style of work, or at least it is unique for me. He shoots his photos and then edits them completely and only on his iPad. He doesn’t post process his photographs on a PC or Mac, even if he is in the IT Industry. No. His style of processing is all done by touch. Edward is very generous because he shares his techniques about post processing on the iPad with the world on his blog called Digital Chemicals.

You can see more of Edward Conde’s photographic work on his flickr account at or on his tumblr at

Escalating Down

Escalating Down by Edward Conde

This photo was published in the Private Readers Community on GooglePlus a couple of days ago and was immedietly liked by many. A wonderful capture of a man going down the escalator, as if heading into black nothingness. From the light above to the blackness below, one can’t help but to think of allegorical meanings of this lovely photograph. From Heaven to Hell maybe? From life to death? Maybe from hope to despair? No matter what the true meaning, this photo definitely inspires cognitive responses (thoughts) in viewers. The man’s head, looking down, adds to the desperate feeling once might sense in him. He looks as if he has accepted his fate and has given up. A great shot and as fellow Street Hunter Andrew Sweigart pointed out in the Community, “I’ve got nothing except… wow. This should be hanging in a gallery in LA”.

Thank you Edward Conde!

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