Street Photo of the week by Rinzi Ruiz

Street Photo of the week by Rinzi Ruiz

Photo of the week LA by Rinzi Ruiz

Street Photo of the week by Rinzi Ruiz

Rinzi Ruiz is a Street Photographer that lives and works in Los Angeles California. He comes from a strong artistic background, having studied arts and also having worked in the creative industry of graphics and animation for many years. This strong background has equipped Rinzi with the skills he so eloquently uses in his Street Photography. Beautiful compositions, excellent balance of light and shadows, a large understanding of colour and a knowledge of aesthetics, make Rinzi Ruiz’s photography simple beautiful. His work moves and thrills and makes the eye wonder. Details are subtle but important to the composition of each photo. Everything is carefully taken into account. Nothing is left to chance in my opinion. Graphic designers love perfection and even though Rinzi is now a full time Photographer, he has that love for perfection in his DNA.

You can see more of Rinzi Ruiz’s photographic work on his flickr account at or on his tumblr at


"LA" by Rinzi Ruiz
“LA” by Rinzi Ruiz. This image has been used with the consent of the original artist.

Rinzi pays a lot of attention to details. That is easily noticed when someone examines his body of work. In this photograph, “LA”, the composition is masterful not only on a balance of shapes, shadows and light level, but also on a colour level. Notice how the vertical of the red stairs is in on the hotline between the second and last ⅓ of the photo. Notice how the red part of the stairs occupies the width of the last ⅓ of the photo. The other part of the staircase that fades into shadow points all the way down to the man’s head on the left. On the man’s head is a hat, a black hat and on that a red rose that brings balance to the colours of the scene. But the eye keeps moving, keeps searching through the image and gently moves down the brown suit of the man, then continues to the other side of the screen and up to the red stairs, where, oh! What a surprise! Another person is there, just there between the end of the photo and the right hand curve of the staircase. But the photo doesn’t end here. No. The eye has been around once, has seen the path the artist want’s it to follow, but on the second time the eye starts again from the top of the stairs, it now sees a faint reflection of a building and the blue sky. Aha. That’s it. That’s all the visual information consumed. What an amazing journey.

Thank you Rinzi Ruiz!

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