Announcing the “Hello I am a Street Hunter” video!

Announcing the “Hello I am a Street Hunter” video!

Street Hunters video


Dear Readers,

The other day, Casper, Andrew and myself were having a chat about new creative ideas to share with you. We wanted to do something that would not only be inspiring and creative, but something that would involve you all, something that you could be apart of.

So, Casper came up with the awesome idea of us making a “Hello my name is XXXXXX and I am a Street Hunter” video! We thought about it for about 1 second and that was it! We loved it!

What should you do?

The general idea is that we hope to make a video collage of all of you, our awesome Readers, each and every one of you that wishes to participate in this fun process, us included! In this video you will be introducing yourself to the world, saying the following simple lines:

‘Hi, my name is First name, Last name, I’m from Country Name and I’m a Street Hunter!’

If you can get this video done outside in front of a known location of your home town, that would simply be amazing! If you want to talk in your native language that is even better! Just make sure to send us a small text with the translation.

One more thing is that you have to make sure your video is recorded in 720p at least and in Landscape mode. Every iPhone 4 and above and 2012 and above Android phone has this capability, as do all digital cameras! You have 6″ of airtime each, so don’t make your video any more than that. Also, add a couple of seconds before and after the end of your introduction. We don’t mind if the total video is 10″ as long as you are talking for only 6″. This will help a lot with our editing!

Once we have at least 50 videos of all you guys and girls, we will make an awesome video and share it with the world on our Website, our YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages!

Isn’t this just a smashing idea?!

What are you waiting for!?

Come on everyone, send in your submissions at If your video turns out too large, please use, or anything else you like to send it over!

Stay Sharp and Keep Shooting!


Cover picture by Hendrik Braet – Street Still Life finalist



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