Street Photo of the week by Maria Plotnikova

Street Photo of the week by Maria Plotnikova

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Street Photo of the week by Maria Plotnikova

Maria Plotnikova is a Street Photographer from Moscow, Russia, that has a talent for freezing time in her own unique way. She works almost exclusively in colour and for that reason has a very good understanding of how all colours work together, mixing them and matching them in her interesting compositions with one goal, to create amazing images. Those images initially attract the viewer, they grab his/her attention for a long period of time. While the viewer is looking at her photographs, wonder and analysis comes to him / her almost instinctively. Finally after the looking and processing of the images is over, the viewer can’t stop thinking of them. They have been carved into his / her brain. That’s what good photography does to a person. Is sticks.

You can see more of Maria Plotnikova’s photographic work on his Flickr Profile at and on her website at

Buenos Aires

“Buenos Aires” by Maria Plotnikova. This image has been used with the consent of the original artist.

I could write lines and lines of text about this photo. But I will not. The reasons are obvious. Just by looking at it once, I understood that everything screams “AMAZING” in this shot. The angle, the light, the shadows, the placement of the people and the most mind blowing of all, the colours. The combination of all the above, have managed to create this one of a kind, one time ever superb shot of people just painting a wall. Enjoy it everyone.

Thank you Maria Plotnikova!

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