The Monthly Theme Contest for June 2014

The Monthly Theme Contest for June 2014

Reflections Theme Contest


Dear Readers!

It is time for the Monthly Theme Contest for June 2014!

The Monthly Theme Contest is a fun activity that anyone can participate in! Every month we choose a Theme. What we ask is for you our Readers to participate by each sending to us a Street Photograph at based on that Monthly Theme.

So for example if the theme is Freeze time, then we would like you to each send a photo with a Freeze time moment. Your photo can be taken any time in history, we don’t mind, as long as it has been taken by you and nobody else. Once you send us your picture, we will decide which are the 5 or 6 or 10 best ones and we will post them on our website.

What does the winner get?

Once that has been done, the next step is to ask you all to vote for the best photograph out of the ones submitted. The best photograph will earn one spot in the annual 2015 calendar which we hope to print at the end of the year! At the end of the year we will ask you to vote for the BEST of all the 12 photos. The best photo will win a FREE copy of the calendar! We know it is not much, but that is all we can offer at the moment.

In addition to being in the Calendar, the best photo will also be used as the Street Hunters Cover photo in all our Social Media channels!

What is this month’s Theme?

This month we would like to ask you to participate with Street Photos of “Reflections”. Anything goes as long as it is a Street shot and as long as the dominant element is a Reflection. For example a shot with a little puddle of water that reflects a tiny spec of cloud isn’t a Reflection shot.

What are the following month’s Themes?

As a reminder, we are listing all the future Themes for 2014! That way you can prepare your selves and plan ahead. So here goes:

  1. Blue (July)
  2. Isolation (August)
  3. Yellow (September)
  4. Candid Portrait (October)
  5. Woman (November)
  6. Signs of human influence – Photos without humans (December)

When can you start sending your photos?

You can start sending photos for this month’s Theme Contest from now and the end of the submissions are on the 15th of June 2014. After that and for 15 days, we will setup a Poll to determine the winner. The winners will be announced during the first part of July!


  1. Photos must be 1680 x 1116.
  2. Photos must be in 72dpi.
  3. Photos must be in Landscape format.
  4. Photos must be JPG.
  5. Photos can’t have been shared in the SHRC before.
  6. Photos mustn’t have watermarks.
  7. Photos can be taken any time in history.
  8. Photos must be owned and photographed by the participant.
  9. Each Reader can send 1 photograph to enter.
  10. A Reader can change the 1 photo entered if they change their mind.

Important Note

All winners throughout the year will be requested to send their photos over in High Resolution (8mp = 3,264 x 2,448 at 150dpi at least) by December 2014. Please keep that in mind so you don’t accidentally enter the competition with low res only images from old iPhones or smartphones with low res cameras. If you enter a film snap, then a 5mp = 2,592 x 1944 high dpi scan at 300dpi will do.

We will not use your photos for anything else other than this event.  

So, don’t just sit there! Email us your photos at now!


  1. Great fun, Shame the photo has to be restricted to 72 DPI just for lowly mac users. Bout time they upgrade to a real computer.

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