Street Photo of the week by Juha Kannisto

Street Photo of the week by Juha Kannisto

Street Photo of the week by Juha Kannisto

This week we are featuring the work of one of our own Readers that makes some truly amazing photos! Juha Kannisto is a Street Photographer from Finland that has been living in Tokyo since 1996 so naturally all of Juha’s work is from that grand, striking, pulsing, colourful city. He is passionate about using his high tech camera in combination with legacy manual glass. He loves to take control of his kit and doesn’t leave anything to chance. This combination of high tech, very high quality legacy glass and of course Juha’s incredible creativity are what lead to so many stunning photos. Juha is a prolific photographer and will not settle with one shot of a situation. One can notice this by visiting his profile on GooglePlus where he posts albums after albums of 20 – 30 – 40 photos nearly on a daily basis!

You can see more of Juha Kannisto’s photographic work on his GooglePlus Profile at

Silhouette in Ebisu

Silhouette in Ebisu Juha Kannisto

The day when this photo was first shared in the Readers Private Community I thought to myself “what a great image! What amazing composition, superb colours, astounding image quality and post processing!” But I wasn’t alone. The plus one’s and the comments came storming in and I remember one especially by my fellow Street Hunter, Casper Macindoe who said “A delicious image straight out of a film I haven’t yet watched. Perfect. Thanks for sharing”. That just said it all, didn’t it? Juha’s image is calculated to perfection, even down to the last detail. The girl’s silhouette is placed in front of the major light source, the white line on the street shows her possible trajectory, the yellows on either side of the girl balance the image, the beautiful Japanese characters on the wall, all give this shot a mysterious, eerie feeling. One question is born. Is she looking directly at me?

Thank you Juha Kannisto!

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As you know, every Friday we feature a photograph of a Street Photographer on our website. The Street Photographer that is featured is selected by the Street Hunters team.

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